Long War 2 free mod for XCOM 2 (PC/Steam): "a must-play reinvention of XCOM 2" released 17 Jan 2017

Long War 2 free mod for XCOM 2 (PC/Steam): "a must-play reinvention of XCOM 2" released 17 Jan 2017

Found 27th Jan 2017
The new (17 Jan 2017) Long War 2 (free) mod for XCOM 2 (paid for by the people behind XCOM 2: Firaxis' parent company, 2K Games) has arrived, expanding any purchase of XCOM 2 (itself currently £9.76 from Humble Monthly) with a large, free DLC.

PC Gamer US says: "The Long War 2 mod is a must-play reinvention of XCOM 2"

"The word 'mod' undersells The Long War 2. 'Mod' implies an aesthetic tweak, a UI correction, a new weapon perhaps. In fact this is XCOM 2 as developed in a parallel universe. The Long War 2 does add lots of new weapons, classes and skills, but all these service a set of bespoke design aims that turn XCOM 2 from a survival strategy game into a gradually paced army and territory management sim with expanded combat encounters."

For non-Steam users, it's available from: nexusmods.com/xco…33/

The Steam Workshop page (rated as 5 stars after 3,318 ratings in 10 days since launch) says:
"Long War 2 is a significant overhaul of XCOM 2 aimed at giving players the feel of running a worldwide guerrilla war against ADVENT and offering them a greater variety of strategic and tactical experiences.
Features include:
1) A much longer campaign, running for 100 to 120 missions on average
2) Infiltration mechanics that require you to send out multiple squads at once
3) Manage resistance Havens and have resistance members scrounge for supplies, gather intelligence or recruit more people to your cause
4) Nine soldier classes: Sharpshooter, Shinobi, Ranger, Assault, Gunner, Grenadier, Specialist, Technical and Psionic (plus Sparks for DLC owners), each with unique secondary weapons
5) Two new weapon tiers, lasers and coilguns
6) Dozens of new enemies and smarter battlefield AI
7) ADVENT strategic AI that tries to counter your moves"

(XCOM 2 is normally around 30 missions long)

Developer page: pavonisinteractive.com/lon…htm

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Right on time when I got game =)
With a Steam copy of the base game already in my library, I'm guessing this'll auto-install?

Edit: I see, it's in the Steam Workshop. I'll have to remember to enable it before I play, hopefully later at the end of February (_;)

Trouble is, stupid life keeps getting in the way!

Heated OP.
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