Long Way Down DVD [x3] Series - £3.00

Long Way Down DVD [x3] Series - £3.00

Found 21st Jun 2008
Went into local ASDA store in Winsford, Cheshire a couple of days ago (Been waiting for registration email) and they had reduced the DVD Series of 'Long Way Down' to just £3.00 for the 3 x DVD full series Special Edition set. Not found it anywhere else for less than £12, even online! Retails for £14.98 on Amazon.

It did scan as £12.74 at the till but they said it should be £3, as per the label on the shelf.


Been posted before

Looks like you were lucky in getting the 3 disc version as its the 2 disc version that most shops are selling for £3

£2.99 too much IMHO, please don't fund their next 'adventure'

Long way round was great Long way Down wasn't. For a more frugal and real world "Long way round" check this out
Their budget is £20 per day - no expensive hotels or backup team for them.....

in my local asda it was priced at £15.72 i was gutted coz my hubby wanted it!
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