loom band kit £1.99 down from £3.99 at Argos!!

loom band kit £1.99 down from £3.99 at Argos!!

Found 20th Jan 2015
Just picked one of these up in cardiff, not sure what stock is like elsewhere but this is also currently available for home delivery!
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Thanks for your deal. I've corrected the link for you
loom bands!! there soooooooo 2014.......
loom bands killed my hoover....
The kids still love them though
If you have a local The works store they have the same boxes stacked for £2
Argos have had them this price since before Xmas so the stocks may be low

loom bands!! there soooooooo 2014.......

Yes, they really did only have their fifteen minutes of fame
Just because you are sick of the sight of them (as am I!!!) doesn't make this a bad price! This is a deal site, not a review site!
Agreed ^^ I'm sick of them too but my girl loves them and they keep her entertained so thought this was a brilliant deal considering it comes with case also
the case is pants though- I got a better one for the same price at Toys r us where the case looks and feels stronger.
Look, someone will always find a negative no matter what I posted a deal that I thought some people may be interested in, it's as simple as that, don't like it, move on... this was my first post, hesitant to post again tbh due to negativity.
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