Looney Tunes - The Complete Golden Collection (Volumes 1-6) [DVD] £7.00 Delivered @ Amazon

Looney Tunes - The Complete Golden Collection (Volumes 1-6) [DVD] £7.00 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 27th May 2013
Absolutely bargain at this price. (24 DVDs)

Got to be quick!

Please can you sign this petition, http://www.change org/en-GB/petition/amazon-amazon-supply-our-loony-tunes-that-we-ordered

Thank you!
- godfather999


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Why is this cold?

Ordered!! Heat from me


Why is this cold?

because there was no free house included?
heat from me thanks


Why is this cold?

I was going to ask the exact same question too. Just had to order one for myself at that price. Unbelievably good price. Seems like it surely must be a mis-price, although 'Amazon' do usually seem to honour them anyway.

Heat added ofcourse.

Thanks ordered hot from me.

really hot

Any chance these are uncut?

Ether way, ordered

Edit "are restored, remastered, uncut" big plus from me
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thanks op

Ordered, thank you. Heat added.

Great deal. Thank you, I got it for £6.65 with student discount

Only £7 ....


Red hot! Ordered.

Was looking at this a month ago and was going to order it for £40!
Hot hot hot

Ordered and made this 101°

Why is this so cheap?


Why is this so cheap?


Will they honour it? I've never bought a mispriced product at Amazon....

Thank you for posting this! Have been eyeing it for a while but at this price didn't need further deliberation!

Ordered thanking you

Awesome! Heat added! Ordered!

Love this deal. Ordered. Cheers OP


Hot, can't go wrong at this price for a 24 dvd box set! Many thanks

I so hope this comes through, the present cupboard will be rammed

Thanks for that OP!

nice find hot

Great price! Good spot

orderd thanks.:)

Unless this gets expired beforehand, you have guaranteed yourself the hottest deal badge.. Definately will cross 1500 heat OP

Nice one. Thanks op, defo deserves some heat.

Ordered delivered to Australia

Ordered heat!

Would love this to actually be delivered but amazon rarely honour misprices...

Gave it a try hope it's honoured! Thanks

Wow very hot deal! Hope it's not a misprice. Thanks OP. have ordered :-) heat added !

Wow very hot deal! Hope it's not a misprice. Thanks OP. have ordered :-) heat added !

Thanks ordered quickly.

Ordered. Thinking of the greater good just ordered one and not 20.

Plunged in like Wile E Coyote off a cliff and ordered this...admittedly I never even knew I wanted it but couldn't resist at this price....HUGE thanks to you OP...MEGA bargain

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Fantastic deal. Will go in the daughters stash for xmas if it comes.

Ordered 5 cheers
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