Loopin' Louie Board game £9.99 at Smyths

Loopin' Louie Board game £9.99 at Smyths

Found 31st Dec 2015
Loopin' Louie, a great game for kids, Or an even better Drinking game for adults
Much cheaper than anywhere else I've seen

Rules are simple:

In the middle there is Louie, a crazy aviator flying all around each player's henhouse. Each player has 3 hen coins and must protect them from Louie. To do so, you have to tap a lever that bump Louie up. If you miss it, you lose coins. The first player to lose all 3 coins must drink a shot (of Jägermeister or Anrumer Rum for example :p).
*You can not leave the game unless you still have your 3 coins at the end of each round!
*You can not leave your tap up the whole time (considered as cheating!).
*If a coin accidentally falls off, the player loses the round and drink.
*If a player loses and the other players still have 3 coins each, the lose must drink a double shot!
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