Lord Of The Rings 2: Two Towers: 5dvd: Box Set: Extended Gift Set (With Gollum Statuette) £11.99 At

Lord Of The Rings 2: Two Towers: 5dvd: Box Set: Extended Gift Set (With Gollum Statuette) £11.99 At

Found 4th Mar 2007
Limited Edition 5 DVD Box Set Contains Exclusive Polystone Gollum Statue Produced By Sideshow WETA.

Director Peter Jackson continues his epic adaptation of Tolkein's classic trilogy with the central part of the story, The Two Towers. Picking up exactly where Fellowship Of The Ring finished we find Frodo and Sam taking their own course to return the Ring to the Mountains of Mordor, though they are soon joined by a previous owner of the ring, Gollum, who has been driven mad by the rings power. Elsewhere the remainder of the now disbanded Fellowship find themselves at the centre of the looming war. Merryand Pippin escape from their Orc captors and flee into the woods of Fangorn, where they discover the ancient and powerful Treebeard, a guardian of trees and possibly a powerful ally in the war.

Aragon, Legolas and Gimli travel to the besieged Kingdom of Rohan, where the ruler King Theoden has fallen under the spell of the evil Saruman, with the help of a powerful friend the spell is broken and the people of Rohan head for the safety of Helms Deep. Here they pre-pair for a deadly confrontation with Saruman's forces, a battle which could turn the tide of the war in either direction.

With one of the most staggering battle sequence in film history and a story rich with characters and intrigue The Two Towers is a equally as gripping as Fellowship. Peter Jackson masterfully weaves the complicated story threads in and out of each other in perfect unison, while also providing your eyes with some of the most spectacular and impressive visuals seen in many years.

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Thanks barneydog Good price!

Thanks, nice deal, 10% off with Quidco as well :thumbsup:

hi all,
i have had my eye on this for a couple of days and if you go to amazon .co.uk
and go to new & used you will find it for £ 9.93 + £1.24 postage total £11.17
brand new

Thanks for the posting, great present for the boyfriend. :thumbsup: Anyone know where to get the other 2 for a decent price?;-)
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