Lord Of The Rings Conquest - £14.99 - Xbox 360 & PS3 @ Morrisons

Lord Of The Rings Conquest - £14.99 - Xbox 360 & PS3 @ Morrisons

Found 30th Mar 2009
Hey all,

Morrisons seem to have reduced the price of Lord Of The Rings Conquest further to only £14.99 on both PS3 and 360. Really good deal I think, beats the Amazon one anyways!

...and donr forget the Skate 2 Deal, also £14.99 on both formats now !



Sound like a good deal for a more or less recent game

Heat added

I can see the future only supermarket will survive the credit crunch lol

grrrr...really want this but no morrisons near me.hopefully pick one later on in the week on my travels.hot.

@ whizzkid In fairness to the OP, the one you've linked to only lists the PS3 and sone of the comments sys that it isn't available for 360 as well.

Also, how many of your post count is from "already posted..." posts? :w00t:

or you could get it for £15.99 at ]Amazon.co.uk

Original Poster

I don't see where that other post has anything about the xbox 360 version in its main text, so I hardly see how this exact deal, particularly on the 360, has already been posted.

**** game good price

I paid £49.99!! for that but I bought it on release :P... but it has been out for about 2months now so I think the price would have come down but that does seem to be a great price.
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