Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Blu Ray. Play.com £5.99 Sold by: ShopAndSave

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Blu Ray. Play.com £5.99 Sold by: ShopAndSave


Great price

Good find thanks

Cheap as chips.

Nice one. This site is costing me a fortune these days

theatrical bluray cut is amazing. +heat

Darn it, don't get paid till Wednesday and I bet this is OOS then :(.

Good spot. Ordered, only 5 left.

Cheers ordered!

used up some of those "super points" too.. good find

Awesome thanks.

Great price. Picture quality is below par on the first film, but a good deal if you don't want to spend the extra cash / time from your life on the extended boxset.

ordered thanks!


Good spot. Ordered, only 5 left.

How do you determine stock levels?

ordered! thanks op! hduk is costing me a fortune !! lol

£2 a film... Amazing.

Not a massive enough LOTR fan to warrant spending £20 or so on the extended editions, so £6 for the 3 delivered is fantastic!

Many thanks.

ordered thanx too cheap not to



Ordered, thanks. My kids want to see this and I reckon the theatrical cuts are just long enough at their age.

Great find OP! Heat added

Ordered heat added OP ty

Ordered. thanx!!

Thanks OP

great find and yes I have ordered

Dammit..... Just spent £7 on these at CEX last week and pre-owned too.

Finally ordered! Was waiting for the extended editions to come down a bit but this is just crazy cheap

Ordered. Never seen a LOTRs film in my life, think its about time to!

fantastic price! thanks!

thanks v much for the heads up!
great price, great films.

Great, thanks

Let's see if they fulfil the order!!

Missed it, thanks to my phone
EDIT: Nevermind, was still £5.99 via the link. Hopefully they will honour it.

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Heat! Ordered.

Thanks OP... It's been a glaring omission from my collection for too long and the wife can't have a problem at this price!! (I hope :/)


Ordered. Thanks.

Great price for just the 3 films.

Good find, just ordered thanks

When I think that I paid £30 per DVD box for each extended volume when they came out
Ah well I'd still take the extended version on DVD over a the regular Blu Ray version, the extra is well worth it.
Maybe one day I'll "invest" and get it on bluray to replace the DVD version...

Should've waited ten years until the inevitable six disc edition with the Hobbit trilogy is a tenner.

Cheers op just ordered. Never been a fan of these but for this price can't go wrong!

are these the abridged versions or the extended editions ?
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