Lord of the Rings: Warrior of Middle Earth plug & play TV game - £4.99 (£35 off) !!
Lord of the Rings: Warrior of Middle Earth  plug & play TV game - £4.99  (£35 off) !!

Lord of the Rings: Warrior of Middle Earth plug & play TV game - £4.99 (£35 off) !!

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Hasbro Lord of the Rings: Warrior of Middle Earth TV plug & play game is price reduced in MY LOCAL Woolworths from £39.99 to just £4.99

Will make a nice gift for tech savy kids. Grabbed two yesterday and there was plenty in stock although they were flying off the shelves. Not sure if this is a nationwide price reduction but its worth checking your local Woolies. Includes WIRELESS sword !! Requires TV or VCR with AV input. RF adapter required if TV or VCR has no AV input. Castle turret required 4 AA or LR6 alkaline batteries

Features : Slash your way through Middle-earth! Swing your powerful sword, and step bravely into the mysterious land of Middle-earth...right in your living room! You'll meet many friends on your journey - and dozens of dangerous foes!

Wield your sword quickly and cleverly to fend off attackers and defeat opponents! Interactive Plug and Play! Plug the castle turret into your TV or VCR and you're ready to begin!

Swing Your Powerful Sword! Innovative wireless technology lets your sword interact with your TV screen! Wield it and slash it in different ways to defeat enemies - and shield yourself.

Team up with your favorite characters! Join Aragorn, Gandalf, Boromir, Elrond, Frodo, Legolas, and all your other favorites. There's a surprise around every corner!

Battle deadly foes of Middle-earth! Fight dozens of deadly creatures along the way - Orc Archers, the Cave Troll, Witch-king of Angmar, the Balrog of Morgoth, Gollum, Saruman - and many more! Set up and battle like Aragorn in minutes!


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Larger image :-


I cant find it :x

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I cant find it :x

Dont think this offer is available online. I picked up from local Woolworths yesterday ;-)

ms01ma works at Woolworths (I think). May be worth PMing ms01ma to know more about this offer.

Thank you will try and get one tomorrow

Yeah looks good Thanks edi!

nice find. haven't seen it in my local store today (I was looking for the £10 LOTR DVD trivial pursuit.. all gone).
I think I saw this sword game at TheEntertainer for £10
(when I was ordering my £10 LOTR monopoly).
bit of theme in my recent prezzie hunt

Senn all of the LOTR stuff on sale today in Dundee,

Ill have another look tomorrow,

If any of you guys want anythign just give me a shout cos it looks like there was alot left.

They had a big stand full of LOTR things.

Will post up tomorrow afternoon whilst in work then i can nip in if anyone wants anything.

Will be picking a few things up for presents.


No I have been to my local Woolworths and nothing:x Tried the code and nothing but never mind thanks for the help will keep looking.:thumbsup:

Yeah i bought one last week for a fiver from our local store...great chrissie prezzie!

I brought 2 of these from woolies but also saw them in my local BM's (bargain madness) for about the same price

I just bought two of these in Woolies today for Christmas presents. Looks like a hoot! Huge big box and super-cheap price; the tenet of my Christmas shopping this year!

Respect given.

Back in stock in the sale for £4.99 in Woolies in Morden, Surrey (3 left yesterday)

I had one of these as any xmas present but it just didn't work. The sensor picked up movement when there was none, making most things impossible. Even starting the game was trial and error.

hi everyone , just thought i would add to the other comments , my son had this for xmas and i also cant get this to work properly screen grey etc, i wouldnt bother buying its only a bsrgain if it works ! lol

i brought my son and my nephew one and my sons works fine infact he loves it more than i do cos i'm sick of him prancing round the living room wafting a sword about now !!

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Back in stock in the sale for £4.99 in Woolies in Morden, Surrey (3 left … Back in stock in the sale for £4.99 in Woolies in Morden, Surrey (3 left yesterday)

Thanks Dude1971 Looks like this is a normal price now :thumbsup:

Thanks shazzer & malibu for the feedback too ;-) My cousin is a happy chappy with this swordie...


love Lords of the Rings,
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