Lord Of War £6.95 @Zavvi
Lord Of War £6.95 @Zavvi

Lord Of War £6.95 @Zavvi

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To wage war, you need weapons, but where do you go to acquire the guns, grenades, tanks and rockets you need to get the edge over you enemy?
Meet Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage), international businessman and arms dealer to eight of the world's top ten war zones.


For Prime members £3.39 at Amazon

IMO one of the best movies ever

pretty much the same price everywhere


IMO one of the best movies ever

On that recommendation I might have to give it another watch. Don't think I made it past the halfway point when I rented it a few years ago.

It pains me that Nicolas Cage is still making movies.

watched this on lovefilm player a few weeks ago. Great film!

It is a very good film.Nic Cage in an all too rare good day.

I'm not a NC fan, but I love this film. Probably his most intelligent film.

"Can you get me the gun of Rambo"

Gotta agree, one of Nic Cage's better films (and he's made some turkeys) only surpassed by Kick Ass

£6.99 at amazon and play so warm on the deal tho

@flombard 3.39 with amazon prime?

Eh what?

cracking film! Already own it on dvd though

compare......... Seems to be the best price today so its hot for me!!!
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It pains me that Nicolas Cage is still making movies.

Have you watched Bad Lieutenant? Quite enjoyed his performance.

You mean warlord? ...mine is better.
Great film, excellent supporting role by Stephen Dorff as well (or Ethan hawke)
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