Lord Peter Wimsey - Collection [10 DVD Boxset] £8.99 delivered @ Movie Mail

Lord Peter Wimsey - Collection [10 DVD Boxset] £8.99 delivered @ Movie Mail

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Found 4th Sep 2010
Cracking price - elsewhere:-
Zavvi £29.95
Tesco £31.97
Amazon UK £34.19
Play.com £41.99
BBC Shop £76.49
HMV £83.99

Ian Carmichael stars as the aristocratic detective Lord Peter Wimsey in this classic BBC adaptation of the novels by Dorothy L. Sayers.

These five feature-length adaptations bring all the wit, elegance and style of one of England's classiest detectives to the scene of the crime - five crimes to be exact - each one presenting an interesting challenge for this sharp-witted mastermind.

Join Lord Peter Wimsey as he uncovers the mysteries of: Clouds of Witness; The Unpleasantness at The Bellona Club; Murder Must Advertise; The Nine Tailors; and Five Red Herrings.

Set Comprises:

Clouds Of Witness: During the Wimsey family retreat in Yorkshire, Captain Cathcart, the fiancee of Lord Peter's (Ian Carmichael) sister Mary Winsey, receives an unwelcomed letter causing him to flee Riddlesdale Lodge in the middle of the night. But he is not the only one with departure plans. One Wimsey plans to escape in the early hours of the morning until she finds a body in the garden.

The Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club: The plot of The Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club takes a new turn, concentrating not on "who did it?", but moreover "when was it done?" A vast inheritance depends on the timing of the deaths of an elderly brother and sister - the sequence of deaths is the Big Question. Once this is established, only then can Peter Wimsey's sleuthing turn to who the murderer is...

Murder Must Advertise: The aristocratic sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey investigates the death of a young copywriter at a top advertising agency. Can Lord Peter solve the crime before more deaths occur?

The Nine Tailors: At the wedding of Sir Charles Thorpe's son, an extremely valuable emerald necklace belonging to Lady Wilbraham is stolen. Thanks to Lord Wimsey's quick thinking, the culprits are apprehended although the whereabouts of the jewels remain a mystery. Many years later, when a mutilated, unidentified corpse is found in the grave of the recently deceased Lady Thorpe, Wimsey investigates and becomes embroiled in an attempt to recover the necklace that was stolen many years before.

Five Red Herrings: When Lord Peter goes on holiday to Scotland, he is hoping to do nothing more strenuous than catch some trout. Even Wimsey's loyal servant Bunter is looking forward to taking some time off to go painting. However, when Bunter notices an easel in the distance but no sign of the artist, Lord Peter is called into action. The easel belongs to an unpopular local artist, Campbell, whose body is discovered lying on the rocks below the popular vantage point. Was it an accidental fall? Wimsey suspects not, and with six possible suspects he must use all of his detective skills to determine the five red herrings and expose the murderer.


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Awesome price in comparison to HMV particularly, but really, LORD PETER WIMSEY oO
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Ordered and heat added, thank you very much

Turned out to be a case of misprice...

Received the following mail from Movie Mall:

We apologise for any trouble we may have caused, but we will not be able to fulfil your order for the LORD PETER WIMSEY COLLECTION. An automated program mispriced this item so it appeared on our website at the incorrect price of £8.99, instead of £33.99.

When a mispricing takes place we will often honour the deal. However in this case the price difference is too large to make that feasible; £8.99 is a significantly lower than the price it costs us to obtain this item from the appropriate distributor. We have therefore cancelled your order. We apologise for your inconvenience and confirm that we have not charged your Credit/Debit card.

As per our service charter (moviemail-online.co.uk/scr….pl?topic=10) we retain the right not to fulfil any order for any reason whatsoever. This right is rarely used but covers situations such as mistakes by us, repeated losses in transit, excessive returns and obviously incompatible equipment as well as aggressive or disputatious customers. Essentially we try to provide an individual service based on partnership with our customers and occasionally we need to protect ourselves.

Please accept our apologies for the disappointment.

same email rec'd

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How does £8.99, instead of £33.99 become an automated misprice?
Ah well, sorry chaps
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