L'Oreal for Men - Various offers and prices but only 1/3rd of the price of Boots £1.22 to £3.17 @ Tesco

L'Oreal for Men - Various offers and prices but only 1/3rd of the price of Boots £1.22 to £3.17 @ Tesco

Found 16th Mar 2009
Just been to Tesco in Sale, Cheshire, not sure if nationwide

L'Oreal for Men mega cheap!!

L'Oreal Men Expert Turbo Booster Moisturiser 50ml - £3.17, in boots it's £13.69!!

L'Oreal Men Expert Vitalift Double Moisturiser 30ml - £2.44, this sells in Boots for £13.69

L'Or? Men Expert Wrinkle Decrease Skin Renovator 60ml - £1.22, sells in boots for £5.69

L'Oreal for men eye cream - £1.71 sells in Boots for over £7

There were plenty of other moisturisers in the L'Oreal for men range around £2 that retail normally for a tenner



Overpriced anyway, I mean what do they do to a plain moisturiser to make it a 'turbo booster' moisturiser?!

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god knows but it is good stuff, i've just gone and bought £48 worth of the turbo booster, vita lift , eye cream, and exfoliator

it would have cost me £210 in Boots, and it's enough to last me the rest of the year

Yeah it's top stuff, way better than own brand carp. Hot!

Did you check the expiry date? Will they expire soon?

Thanks OP, just picked up the one Vita Lift remaining from the Baguley branch. That was it though, nothing else from what you mentioned, just to save you making a trip.

Did you leave any in Sale or did you clear the shelf?

As for expiry dates, I don't see any. It has a 12 month life from being opened like many grooming products.

Either Tesco are discontinuing, or the packaging is due to change.

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There was loads left

approx 6 or 7 of each item, they were on the top shelf so i couldn't see how many were left, but there was plenty

Everything's still full price in the Tesco Metro in Birmingham town centre apparently. :-(

Sale is not in Cheshire, but Greater Manchester.

It's all very metro sexual in here.

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errr Sale is historically part of cheshire and unless you have anything to contribute to the deal, quit trolling



Sale is not in Cheshire, but Greater Manchester.

As someone who's lived in Ashton-Under-Lyne, I know it's possible to be part of a city's greater area (Greater Manchester), a borough (Tameside) and a county (Lancs, Ashton has an Oldham postcode) all at the same time. It's called overlapping boundaries.

Thanks again dancevision, I popped into Sale branch and filled my boots there too, and there were still dozens of product left, except the eye cream and exfoliator which are almost gone.
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