L'oreal men expert anti-perspirant £1.00 for 150ml @ Asda

L'oreal men expert anti-perspirant £1.00 for 150ml @ Asda

Found 23rd Sep 2013
Found this instore today, haven't checked if it's online, but my guess is that it is.

They have the Carbon protect and shirt protect, well worth a pound.
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They stink though. Smell lingers all day and gives me a headache. Good price if you can use it
That's a good price. Slightly better, though, is Superdrug, where 250ml cans are, (mostly), £1.53.

steviep43' what a silly thing to say. Smell perception can be quite personal. Unless you buy 'Unperfumed', of course it's going to smell. Do you really think L'Oréal would create a product that 'stinks'? Of course not. It's better to own what you say and think. It stops you leaving yourself open to criticism - such as that (helpfully) offered here.
good price heat added
Very good price. Saw these same price Asda Sutton and bought a few. The larger cans seem to come out as liquid and foam tried them before they were awfull.
Goldstein, that's odd. Maybe a bad batch. I've not had any problems like that. Sometimes rinsing under a tap gets rid of that foaming on aerosols.

Just come back from shopping and saw Dove For Men 250ml Sensitive and Invisible Anti-Perspirant in Superdrug for £1.73, which is better than half price.

I can't remember the last time I paid full price for toiletries. Terrific.
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