Loreal men expert shower gel £1.49 @ Boots

Loreal men expert shower gel £1.49 @ Boots

Found 2nd May
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It's more of them in offer however if you have boots coupons 10% off for shower gel or 3 off when you spend 30 or more it can not be use... Still good price and grab men expert deodorant for 1,50 250ml
Shame, I am only an amateur shower'er so too advanced for me...
I love these shower gels. The whole range smells great. And the Loreal roll-on deoderant is the best I have every used. Lasts such a long time.
Standard price for these in Home Bargains.
pfff big French chemical company does a liquid gel soap and it's reduced or maybe not at big US pharmaChem Boots. British bar soap is what a man/woman/other identifying person properly uses in his/her/herm/other identifying own shower. Bar soap (like tea, penicillin & the internet, thanks Tim) is a solid foundation stone of modern post-industrial society. You get moobs from gel soap too.
Expert shower gel???
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