Lost in Blue 2 (Nintendo DS) - £17.99 delivered
Lost in Blue 2 (Nintendo DS) - £17.99 delivered

Lost in Blue 2 (Nintendo DS) - £17.99 delivered

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Recently released Lost in Blue 2 for the Nintendo DS is just £17.99 delivered @ Dvd.co.uk! Cheapest elsewhere is £20.49!

Details: Washed ashore after their cruise ship goes down at sea, young Jack and Amy must struggle to survive as they search for a way off a deserted island. The game has been designed to force the player into thinking about how they would survive in such an environment. Initially, this involves finding food and weapons, before exploring the island. But, as in real life, exploration is tiring, so the pair must rest, drink water to avoid dehydration, and find further means of sustenance especially as the mountainous nature of the island also necessitates the heroes climbing steep rock faces and hills.


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In addition to the physical elements the pair faces, Lost in Blue 2 also makes more extensive use of the touch screen capabilities of the Nintendo DS. Items are easily collected and examined by the player, while the stylus is now used for carpentry, wicker work, cooking food that would otherwise make the heroes ill, and skin diving. The two characters also boast individual skills, with the male character more physically adept at climbing, fighting and recovering his energy levels, while the girl is more accurate with a bow and arrow, can hold her breath underwater for longer and is more adept at finding ingredients for meals.
Play through the entire game as either Jack or Amy, each with their own set of survival skills and unique endings.
Keep an eye on your thirst, hunger and stamina levels as you explore the island, from sandy beaches to lush jungles.
Battle wild animals and overcome extreme weather conditions such as tsunami and earthquakes as you try to survive on a harsh and unforgiving desert island.
Use the touch screen and microphone to take part in new mini-games such as diving, archery and carpentry as well as returning favorites such as cooking and tool crafting.
Compete in survival mini-games with a friend via local wireless connection.

Loved the first Lost in Blue, good find millarcat! :thumbsup:

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Thanks Newton.Gun

Excellent find millarcat, well done!! Great price for what looks like a great game.
Voted hot.
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