Lost Planet 2 For PC £2.99 Delivered @ Play
Lost Planet 2 For PC £2.99 Delivered @ Play

Lost Planet 2 For PC £2.99 Delivered @ Play

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Featuring support for DirectX 11 and DirectX 9, Lost Planet 2 delivers its Akrid-infested world in even greater detail. Through DirectX 11 features, smoke will have lifelike volume and depth, water surfaces react realistically to player interaction and bullets, and bosses are rendered with more detail than ever before. Lost Planet 2 will also feature support for Nvidia 3D Vision and 3D Vision Surround technologies (wireless 3D Vision glasses sold separately) bringing the on-screen action to a whole new dimension
4-player co-op action: Team up to battle the giant Akrid in explosive 4 player co-operative play. Teamwork is the player's key to victory as the team is dependent on each other to succeed and survive
Single-player game evolves based on players decisions and actions
Deep level of character customization: Players will have hundreds of different ways to customize their look to truly help them define their character on the battlefield both on- and offline. Certain weapons can also be customized to suit individual player style
Beautiful massive environments: Capcom's advanced graphics engine, MT Framework 2.0, will bring the game to life with the next step in 3D fidelity and performance
Massive scale of enemies: Players skill on the battlefield and work as a team will be tested like never before against the giant Akrid. Players will utilize teamwork tactics, new weapons and a variety of vital suits (VS) to fight these larger-than-life bosses
Rewards System- Players will receive rewards for assisting teammates and contributing to the team's success
Up to 16-player Multiplayer modes and online ranking system
Exciting new VS features- Based on fan feedback, the team has implemented an unbelievable variety of Vital Suits and new ways to combat VS's. The new VS system will have a powerful impact on the way the player takes to the war zone in Lost Planet 2


Started playing this on 360 today, the game is really bad, and I loved LP1 levels are only a few minutes long each and something seems off with the entire package, looks great in visuals.

for £2.99 its worth a purchase. Cheers OP, ordered.


fug it i bought it anyway. cheers

Can this be activated on Steam?

Does this activate on steam?

yeh, game was not the dogs, was just bol*x, suppose tho for £2.99 you shouldn't grumble, but they went some way backwards from the 1st game.

haha you finally got a hot one then russ


Does this activate on steam?

Nope :-( hot for £2.99 though.

Tempted, but didn't. Good price, but I'd never play it.

I didnt mind the first one, so plumped for this.
Even if its just a tech demo for some lovely Direct 11 gourgeousness for my new 560 that i plan to buy at the end of the month its probably just about worth 3 quid.


Great find, Russty. Lost Planet 2 is an extremely divisive game, but after the patch sorted out most of the major problems, it's well worth a punt at this price. Many thanks! We've featured this deal at Dealspwn, HUKD's gaming blog.

Brought and managed to get a few m8s to get it as well for the co-op campaign.

I got it on PS3 from Gamestop for a euro when they had their one year sale.

Only really started playing it recently, and I really enjoyed. I can't think of one really good thing to say, apart from I found shooting loads of big stuff very fun. Lots of other people don't seem to feel the same though.

Online co-op should be a blast, off line split screen is awful, but this is PC so shouldn't be an issue!

Bargain, worth a punt for £3.

Tempted to buy 2 copies so I can play co-op but undecided. When I first saw trailers it looked pretty fun but I don't know. After reading reviews it doesn't sound fantastic...
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Expired, caught onto this deal too late

Original Poster


Expired, caught onto this deal too late

it hasnt

Just waiting for Dead Rising 2 to come down to this now!
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