Lost Planet 2 Xbox 360 Pre-Owned £5.00 @ Game
Lost Planet 2 Xbox 360 Pre-Owned £5.00 @ Game

Lost Planet 2 Xbox 360 Pre-Owned £5.00 @ Game

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Lost Planet 2 for a fiver i thought this was a top deal considering its fairly new


its unplayable as a single player game though


its unplayable as a single player game though


Missed out on this when local Game store put the secondhand stock out for just under a tenner in the recent sale.

Ordered a copy.
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ay what do you mean?



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do you mean its just bad gameplay or you cant play the game on your on???

I've played it on its own and it's decent enough, but pretty unremarkable. Only played a few levels though, but got it from Gamestop for €3. Checked last week and Cex were giving £6/£8 for cash/trade.

Two player split screen is horrible though


2 player split screen is absolutely appalling...I don't know why they decided to make it that way.
Me and the missus just about managed to get through the first level (without being able to see a thing - and I've got a 50" tv), before selling it.
Single player was quite a dull experience too to be honest.
Though to be fair, there probably is about a fiver's worth of gameplay in there.

you have to defend 4 post things on many levels but the Ai is so bad you can't defend all 4 yourselves and it's just frustration and not enjoyable at all. I sent it back.
worth getting if you have mates you can play co op with

It's worth noting you can open your game up to randoms (almost certain you can). But do that at your peril.

I was the same marcus, and I've only got a 25" HDTV! My mate and I pretty much had our noses pressed up against the screen and gave up after 20 minutes. They did the same with Resi 5 - it was better playing it on my old CRT. At least they put the map to the side in LP2!

Glad I never played split screen jesus! Single player is ok, or when playing online, but first one was better. Probably worth a fiver, I also got it in that gamestop deal, finished it and made a profit

out of stock

shame its out of stock now

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after the enitial comments i cancelled my order straight away lol

i'd have given it a bash for a fiver, shame its out of stock. Expired

Anyone had order cancelled?
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