Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: Standard Edition for XBox 360 £34.99 Or Less Delivered!
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: Standard Edition for XBox 360 £34.99 Or Less Delivered!

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: Standard Edition for XBox 360 £34.99 Or Less Delivered!

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Game Features: Frenetic action 'Lost Planet' is a fast-paced third-person shooter with all the depth, intrigue and intensity of a science fiction classic.

Xbox Live enabled: An array of online gameplay possibilities await including: Downloadable content such as additional maps, missions and weapons # Online multiplayer cooperative and versus battles # Foot and vehicle based gameplay Command highly powered armed vehicles and weapons not only to help players traverse the treacherous terrain, but to eliminate enemies that lie ahead. Or, strategically switch from vehicles, including transformable snow vessels, to on-foot gameplay as dictated by the situations...

The creators of the critically acclaimed Onimusha and Devil May Cry series have come together to create the expansive world of 'Lost Planet'


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Dec 2006

For a vast amount of Xbox 360 gamers, slamming down the Right Trigger of the controller and blasting some evil, ugly creature in to next Wednesday is a feeling that's hard to beat. 'Lost Planet' capitalizes on this theory to the extreme. Loaded with a ferocious amount of fire-power, you'll play as plucky pilot Wayne; having witnessed the death of his father, and suffering from a bad case of memory loss, it's fair to say that Wayne has a few issues to deal with. Fortunately, our trigger-happy hero has got a huge arsenal of weapons and an evil breed of creatures called the Akrid to deal with, which should take his mind off his recent tragedy – big guns and scary aliens are always a good way of dealing with such a loss.
The 'Lost Planet' world is a freezing place, and if you were to spend too much time out in the open, your body would freeze right up. Luckily, the humans have developed a cunning way to deal with the sub-zero temperatures of their environment – thermal energy. The angry Akrid race carry this energy, and once defeated, humans can harness it for their survival.
Consequently, you'll have two health bars on your screen – a standard 'life bar' and a 'thermal energy' bar. Your thermal energy bar can be constantly replenished by killing Akrid – but it continually counts down in the freezing temperature. When you run out of thermal energy, your life bar will begin to decrease, ultimately resulting in the always-irritating 'Mission Failed' screen. The good news is that by killing Akrid and absorbing thermal energy, your health will be replenished. In 'Lost Planet', it seems, it really is a kill-or-be-killed world.
One of the many highlights of the game comes in the form of Mech-like vehicles known as Vital Suits, or 'VS's. You use these bi-pedal behemoths to navigate across the treacherous terrain, and can take advantage of their formidable fire-power against your alien enemies. Search the landscape for upgrades to your VS and you can start personalising your killing machine; add a rocket launcher to cause some fiendish havoc to the Akrid (the explosions in 'Lost Planet' make some Hollywood blockbusters look like home videos), or attach two gattling guns for double the gun-fun! The VS's are also capable of hovering over short distances, and are a great inclusion to the game. Packed with fantastic graphics, loads of guns, a great plot and an easy-to-use control system, 'Lost Planet' is the perfect way for gamers to experience the power of the Xbox 360. The game appeals to proud new console owners wanting to experience a great action shooter, and 360 veterans alike, and is a great next step for anyone who's completed Microsoft's excellent ][COLOR=#0000ff]Gears of War[/COLOR]. There's also a brilliant online mode across Xbox Live, making 'Lost Planet' one of the gaming highlights for the New Year, and brilliant start to 2007!

completed this game last night good graphics gets very repetitive

lol - some people really kill games quickly........

It took me about 2 months to finish PREY, and my mate done it in a weekend.........

nice find...a fiver off and quidco makes it a great price

Good find Ray thanks !

Not bad price, shame the game gets dull really quickly. It's amazing how good the MS marketing team are lately!

you can get this on the 2 for £60 at pcworld, which umbrellas the LE version which is normally £45

I have GOW and haven't finished it yet, find it quite boring, however really getting into Oblivion. I think I am too used to playing FPSs on the PC, really enjoyed Farcry on the PC. Maybe GOW gets better further into the game?

You can get the Limited edition version same price with the 10% discount voucher at Virgin Megastore.

Can't believe people think this game gets dull! How can running around in giant robot suits shooting things get boring! :lol:

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Still available...
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