Lost | PS3 | £4.46 | Zavvi
Lost | PS3 | £4.46 | Zavvi

Lost | PS3 | £4.46 | Zavvi

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Enjoy ;-)


Hot! £4.95 for a New game (I know its not new release) to extend my slowly growing collection.

Good price for a very poor game. This will only appeal to Lost fans, but will disappoint them the most...

stay away if I were you


Now £4.46 with voucher


This is an excellent price, and I bought it instore at Head entertainment for about this price a few weeks back. I only bought it to add to my collection, I have never had it out the wrapper, lol. I watched my other half play the game and saw how annoyed he got at it in various stages of the game. I remember he spent about 7 hours solid doing one part of the game and I am afraid I just dont have the patience to sit there that long replaying the same bit over and over. I will maybe play it one day when I am bored

not even worth that much, its a really bad game.
its mildly ok if your a lost fan - but very mildly.
otherwise avoid

yeah id rather have the £4.46 to be honest, i rented this on 360 for free, and i was only happy as it was a relatively easy 1000 gamerscore.

whats the achievements like? easy?


whats the achievements like? easy?

yeah pretty much - complete the game and do all the minigames for most of the gamerscore, a few hidden ones, but go to xbox360achievements.org and they explain it all. hey i got 1000 in 2 days. and none of those nasty online achievements.

Worst Game...Ever. Any other game would be a scorcher at this price but this game is simply awful.

(have not voted btw)

Bought this game from Zavvi but I've just been informed my credit card details have been stolen!! A good few grands worth, but of course it's all insured. Just a warning. If you've bought from them check your card...
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