Lost Season 1-4 DVD Box Set £43.95 @ Bargain Crazy

Lost Season 1-4 DVD Box Set £43.95 @ Bargain Crazy

Found 3rd Sep 2010
Use 20% off voucher code to get this price: WBCTWENTY. You must type in the voucher code, dont copy & paste or it won't work.

Works out at £10.99 per season. NEXT CHEAPEST £116 at BTR Direct

* Lost: Season 1-4 DVD Box Set
* Season 1
* 48 survivors try to come to terms with washing up on an unearthly paradise in a desperate situation. Our first introduction to Jack, Sawer, Kate, Locke, Sayid, Shannon and co. Contains 7 discs
* Season 2
* So what was down the hatch? Meet some fascinating new characters, find out what Kate really did and prepare to hold your breath for most of the duration of the final two feature length Lost episodes. Contains 7 Discs
* Season 3
* Starts off at a pace that quickly dispels any fears that the writers might be stalling for ideas. Contains 7 Discs
* Season 4
* Join Jack, Sawyer, Kate and the rest of the remaining survivors in an action packed fourth series! Rescue is imminent.... but how or by whom remains a mystery. Contains 6 discs
* Please Note: This item contains 4 boxes

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