Lost series 2 £25.99 @ zavvi

Lost series 2 £25.99 @ zavvi

Found 6th Feb 2008
as title says, next best is £32.99


Ordered this from Zavvi and got confirmation and then a back order notification. Have they got it in stock or what? :x


last october i had something back ordered from zavvi (then virgin) and sorted it just early last week

a joke and i wont shop there again

yes similar experiences. it could be months before you recieve it.

I concur with the experiences of Virgin megastores/Zavvi.

If you have a Virgin credit card, get 10% discount on top.

they messed my order up but did refund. i had ordered 2 things, one came and the other didnt, but they refunded both (only came to a tenner). but they do take AGES!

gota say though, on subject of lost, not so sure of the new series so far either....

I bought this for £26 in Tesco a month ago. Clubcard points too.
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