Lost Sphear [PS4] £24.85 at Simply Games [edit - price rise]

Lost Sphear [PS4] £24.85 at Simply Games [edit - price rise]

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Looks like a decent price.

Is it a sequel or isn't it? The debate continues...
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Been playing this on the switch. It is a good game. I haven't played I am Setsuna, but read about a lot of similarities. The combat is atb charge turn based, but you have the freedom to move your player around.

Story seems ok. Not the strongest plot, but solid enough with a decent mechanic for the 'lost' element.

Music imo is solid.

I would say it is worth a play if you like jrpg.
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pauladam395422 m ago

Says £24.85 for me http://www.simplygames.com/p/lost-sphear-ps4

Price has gone up - I guess they had a limited quantity at £21.85.
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