LOST The Game - Was £19.97, now £4.99
LOST The Game - Was £19.97, now £4.99

LOST The Game - Was £19.97, now £4.99

Based on the hit TV series, the official Lost game will keep all fans enthralled as they work together to solve mysteries & stay alive. For 2+ players. Age range 16yrs+.

You've survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Can you survive the Island? Based on the hugely popular hit TV series and developed in conjunction with the series producer, the official Lost game will keep everyone entertained with key themes taken from the show. Filled with discovery, conflict, mystery and intrigue where you'll need to work together to survive, but to WIN you'll need to take control and lead. Do you have what it takes?

Whoops, obviously not £499!
- jilawrence


Looks like it could be fun, not sure if it's worth £499 though :P lol

I've played it before - very complicated rules! Patience and an above-average IQ required.

I can guess how this game goes... You start to play, and just as you get into it, the rules change, and throws in a massive twist.

Then, just as you get used to the new changes, the game adds more players, and introduces a new board.

Just as you get your head around all these new concepts, the game stops abruptly, and you have to wait six months for the next go.

It sounds great!
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