Lost Via Domus PS3 and Xbox 360 £3.74  @ Head Entertainment

Lost Via Domus PS3 and Xbox 360 £3.74 @ Head Entertainment

Found 7th Apr 2009Made hot 7th Apr 2009
Went into Head Bluewater last night and they had this game for £4.99 when 25% discount is applied at the till it comes out at £3.74 They had loads of copies of each.


WOW....I wonder why it's this cheap?

It's a good price, I imagine it's as cheap as renting it.
Great game for Lost fans, I quite enjoyed it.

ok for lost fans, just a shame its one of the easiest games should be 99p

almost value for money at this price.

for lost fans only imo, but ironically it will disappoint lost fans the most - avoid if you can

This was already listed several weeks ago, just do a quick search adn you can find it.

I really enjoyed this game, even though i dont really watch lost.

Pretty simple, but fun at the same time (Y)



This is fine as a repost, as the one you've linked to above is over one month old.

Easy 1000 points on the Xbox as well

not seen any head entertainment store what so ever near me voted mild

plenty in stock in merry hill

great price, i might pick one up just for the points
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