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Lots of £1 books in Asda
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Lots of £1 books in Asda

Posted 9th Jan 2011

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Earlier this week I bought 11 books from Asda: a few Dean Koontz, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman as well as a handful for my partner that I though she'd like.

They are obviously not new releases, but all seemed to be by famous authors and there were plenty of copies of each.

After a search, it seems to be the same sort of deal as this posted by Late at the same time 12 months ago:


The aisle was set up in the same way as the photo in the thread.

This was in the Kendal store, but I assume it is nationwide.

Apologies if this has been posted - a search couldn't find anything recent (although it's always a bit random!)
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Bought an e reader but still can't resist a bargain!
In Bromborough store there was also 2 Jack Higgins books and I think, but not sure, a couple of Catherine Cookson for the Ladies. All at £1 each.heat added.
Leicester Thurmaston had lots and lots of titles - I bought two Val McDermid thrillers , OH bought a couple of Bernard Cornwell Sharpe novels.
Watford had loads including those listed above. Another was Susan Lewis but it really is worth a visit. They had them on promotional cardboard stands in various parts of the store so make sure you check them all. All stands seemed to have a different collection. Just a shame that I can never remember what hubby has already read.
My local had a load of James Patterson. This has been on for a while already though so there probably isn't much left in most places.
Conn igulldon and Simon scarrow too
All the ones I looked at were originally printed 20 years ago. They were a couple of Peter James. I prefer fiction set in current times
Lots of earlier Peter James novels available for £1 - and they're all v. good. More horror/supernatural thrillers than his recent crime books.
Another decent popcorn thriller is The Miracle Strain by Michael Cordy
We bought quite a few recently for £1 each.

Cheaper than the charity shops.
My local asda had quite a few, i purchased Ian Rankin the Watchtower and the bell Joir one for a pressie for a friend,
any good, titles?
These are the books I bought:

Susan Lewis - A French Affair (1st Published 2006)
Tony Parsons - Man and Wife (2002)
Carole Matthews - Let's Meet on Platform 8 (1997)
Jonathan Kellerman - Bad Love (1993)
Jonathan Kellerman - Monster (1999)
Faye Kellerman - The Burnt House (2007)
Dean Koontz - Odd Hours (2008)
Dean Koontz - The Taking (2004)
Dean Koontz - Watchers (1988)
Dean Koontz - Velocity (2005)
Belinda Jones - Out of the Blue (2008)
The Grave Tattoo by Val McDermid was also in Asda Dartford amongst others

If you have a Poundland near you, they are selling the hardback version of Wally Lamb's "The First Hour I Believed" which is an excellent, if quite dry (and long) book set in the aftermath of the Columbine Massacre. There were plenty in Gravesend
They also have the "top tips from the baby whisperer" (tracy hogg) collection rrp £6.99 for a pound i loved her show on discovery channel wish she could have come help me with my little one!!! Great little books for mums in need of advice.
Bought four of the Alex Cross series (big bad wolf, london bridges, cross, double cross) by James Patterson as well as one of his standalone novels (hide and seek)

Did notice a Val Mcdermid, Dean Koontz, Chris Ryan & Robert Harris book as well - was a fair few more but didn't take notice of the authors as I was in a bit of a rush.

This was Asda Glasshoughton & they had a cardboard display full of em as well as a rack near the cds/dvds/games with em on.

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