Lots of Free Ricky Gervais/Steven Merchant/Karl Pilkinton Shows

Lots of Free Ricky Gervais/Steven Merchant/Karl Pilkinton Shows

Found 24th Feb 2009
I know alot of people will know about this site and this thread will be frozen but i thought it might benefit some.
If your a fan of Ricky Gervais and his Podcasts check out pilkpedia download page for XFM radio shows. They are fantastic - much better than purchasable content on itunes.
Ive basically downloaded everything and am moving onto stephen merchant shows


These are hilarious:thumbsup:


These are hilarious:thumbsup:

Totally agree, these are highly recommended! :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for this - long car journey tomorrow so will be good to have something good to listen too

Thanks!! The first podcast series made me swerve in the road as I was crying laughing. Had to pull over...
Later series weren't as good, so can't wait to hear these

personally i think a lot of the inspiration for the podcasts come from the old xfm shows, some of them are absolutely hilarious.

Just browsing and discovered this. It was a long shot that it would be still valid, and unfortunately it's not. Thanks anyway.
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