Lots of LED light bulbs on offer at Asda

Lots of LED light bulbs on offer at Asda

LocalFound 23rd Jul 2017
Picture is one example but there were a few different types on offer - screw, bayonet and GU10's. The ones shown are an especially good deal as they are dimable. If you haven't switched to LED lights, you have no excuse now!

Picked mine up in Golborne Asda but looked like it should be nationwide.
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I got an ES LED candle bulb for £1 at my local. some are £2
are they online or instore?
about time this major rip off started to end

about time this major rip off started to end

agbrothers7 h, 41 m ago

are they online or instore?

​in store only as far as I am aware.
Some good prices. One thing to watch out for with dimmable is that they may not work with your existing dimmer switch. You need a trailing edge dimmer switch.
quite a few types priced at £1 Farnborough store....

Update: Went there again today, but most £1 bulbs now sold, but quite a few £3 deals left.....
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A bit of advice - if you are replacing a low voltage halogen lamp(MR 12) or similar with an equivalent LED lamp,you will have to replace the transformer with an LED driver or your light will flicker annoyingly. If there is no need for your lamp to be low voltage,places that do need to be include certain zones in bathrooms etc, then you are probably better disconnecting the transformer and replacing the lamp holder with a GU 10 lamp holder and using mains voltage GU 10 LED lamps.If in doubt consult an electrician.
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