lots of stocking fillers from ELC on amazon reduced ..from 80p

lots of stocking fillers from ELC on amazon reduced ..from 80p

Found 15th Nov 2012
(see first post)

amazon are selling the early learning toys with the redcuctions and 20% off too ...lots of nice good quality stocking fillers x (lots that is OOS at elc too)

all free delivery x

loads more than just what links ive put so worth a look x
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heres a few nice ones for under a tenna

winnie pooh ball - 80p - amazon.co.uk/Ear…1-3

water soaker - 80p - amazon.co.uk/Ear…1-7

magic flute - £2.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-75

pump and zoom £2.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-82

bath bubble £1.20 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-19

20 chubby crayons - £1.60 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-38

paint pads £1.60 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-39

christmas paper chains £1.60 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-41

christmas letters to santa - £2.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-76

scipping rope £2.40- amazon.co.uk/Ear…-79

travel spinner memory game £2.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-84

dinosaur puzzel £2.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…-85

squeezy paint brushes £2.80 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…106

whos at home game £3.20 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…116

giant balancing hand £3.20 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…120

belly bot £3.20 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…121

snorkle set £3.20 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…134

cotton reel craft £3.84 amazon.co.uk/Ear…142

play buttons £3.84 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…155

threading letters £3.84 amazon.co.uk/Ear…158
make your own paper aeroplanes kit £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…171

slides and ladders game £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…161

decorate tiara and wand - £4 amazon.co.uk/Ear…165

stencil book £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…164

giant soaker £4 -amazon.co.uk/Ear…163

frog rattle £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…172

make your own bouncy balls £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…173

catapult £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…175

make your own christmas puppet £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…175

fairy sparkle set £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…182

make a christmas tree £4 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…190

spin and light up rattle £4.80 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…198

bubble rocket - £4.80 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…200

make friendship bracelet - 4.80 - amazon.co.uk/Mak…203

crazy bee game - £4.80 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…206

wiggle giggle ladybird £4.80 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…228

weigh it up game £5.12 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…240

dress me up faries - £5.60 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…260

jumbo knokout gME £6 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…263

jungle rock roll and reflect £6 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…262

wallap a worm game £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…266

Wooden animal stamp set £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…272

crinckle caterpilla - £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…278

wooden hammer bench £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…282

make your own wooden racing car £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…291

magnetic alphabet train £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…293

decorate secret keeper £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…303

construction car set - £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…312

house shape sorter £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…319

remote control lamborghini £6.40 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…325

soccor zoomer £7.68 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…335

rock guitar - £8 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…345

saxophone £8 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…356

bug activity cube £8 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…365

fairies scribbler - £8 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…367

babminton set £8 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…377

inflatable T-REX - £8 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…384

sensory stacking rings £8 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…386

croc game - £9.60 amazon.co.uk/Ear…403

cowboy outfit £9.60 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…407

alien pop game £9.60 - amazon.co.uk/Ear…411
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heat for the effort
same as pp!!
Thank you, order my daughter some purple paint which she was running out of and some christmas paper chains
heat added for your effort and time...also great deals to be had there too...
Magic flute?!

Magic flute?!

It if really is magic, that's quite a deal at £2.40. I'm in.
Anything that I like is unavailable

Anything that I like is unavailable

may still be avaliable. at elc directly if you check x
Major effort, thanks!
heat for time and effort put in...
Good job HSG! Heat.
Fab effort!
Great effort! Voted hot! Got my little one a beauty case!
Nice work. Thanks + Heat.
only 20% off. Is it a great bargain? not voting either way. thanks the effort and time though.
There's 20% off toys at ELC anyway.

However the paper chains are a great buy, used to love making those every year as a kid.
Hardly anything below a fiver is in stock
ELC rock guitar is 22.99/- now.
Good job, Perfect timing. Will get a few things. Cheer's..!
good deal

heat added for your effort and time...also great deals to be had there … heat added for your effort and time...also great deals to be had there too...

Heat for effort thx

Magic flute?!

I'm in for this. My current magic flute is starting to look a bit worse for wear.
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thanks for the list!
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