Lottland spend £1 for £13 Topcashback. New Players Only

Lottland spend £1 for £13 Topcashback. New Players Only

Found 27th Jan 2017
They also have the option of £20 Cashback on a £10 deposit. I'm not eligible as I've used Lottoland a few times with the previous deals on here but good for anyone who hasn't!
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Still worth the risk for a £1 stake, but be advised, TCB's warning:

"Unfortunately this merchant has a known tracking issue. We are busy chasing this up with the merchant and still want to give you the opportunity to earn cashback on your purchase. If your transaction does not track within 7 days, please submit a Missing Cashback Claim where our team will endeavour to chase the missing cashback. Members should note that this merchant manually processes cashback and are advised to wait to 30 days from the date of transaction before submitting a missing cashback claim."

Mine didn't track so cold
TCB have been hopeless paying out recently, something that stood ready to be paid in a few weeks for months and then went up to payable in 9 months, not using them again until they sort that out but they don't seem to care.
yes I agree, they're not interested to chase any cashback for you, all of my purchase gets tracked when amount is peanuts and at least 9 large transaction I made in past couple of years didn't get paid around 40quid cashback on average so lost out 360 quid cashback, and TCB always sends prewritten emails to say how sorry they're blah blah blah

so don't rely heavily on getting cashback, whoever gets it is just lucky
I had to raise a case for untracked! still no closer to getting paid!
did a previous offer with these. didn't track .
Cold they overcharged me waste of space company con artists
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