Louis Delaunay Champagne £8 @ Tesco

Louis Delaunay Champagne £8 @ Tesco

Found 2nd Dec 2014
Louis Delaunay Champagne down better than half price. At TESCO Lunsford Park Loads in stock. Better than half price down from £25.99 Going fast


Not a bottle I'd normally reach for. Might be worth a taste on this offer.

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Nothing wrong with it was a miss order

is this the same as morrisons are selling for 5.99?

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I don't know show me a link or something

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Thanks SugarRay. Didn't see the post

Wow, you loved this offer so much you took the shelf label X)

I can't find this in stock anywhere!! It's my friend's birthday on Friday and I need a bottle for then. I'm checking 3-4 stores daily and all empty shelves! Stop buying alllll the bottles people, leave some for some of the rest of us!

Very hard to find in Milton Keynes. Haven't seen any since the 2nd day of offer and taken off the internet.

Ordered online same day when posted originally by other poster and got substituted with Mumm champers. So was out of stock same day. Couldn't find any in my local store.
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