Louis Roederer Cristal Gold Caged Jeroboam, Limited Edition, 2002 £12695 / £12700.95 delivered @ Harrods

Louis Roederer Cristal Gold Caged Jeroboam, Limited Edition, 2002 £12695 / £12700.95 delivered @ Harrods

Found 8th Jan 2017
I've been waiting for ages for the price to drop on this lovely bubbly and now it's down a mighty £4000 I think that I might take the plunge! It's this or a hip op in Thailand plus 3 months in a luxury hotel.....
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£5.95 Postage? You have to be kidding me. Would have had one if it weren't for that. Cold deal.
That is a bit rich...
You'd better hurry as there are only 2 left!
Voted cold as I wanted 3!
Cold not Aldi
Voted cold, no free postage
This is nice if you mix it with Smart Price lemonade.
They would probably deliver for free if you asked nicely......
Sad to realise that one parent families struggling on benefits can't afford these, flaming Tories!!
If I can afford this then I won't be logging forever in HuKd
Great - I was after some new bubble bath!!!
Good price. Heat added dude..

Sounds tasty.........

Each medallion bottle is 100% hand-crafted. Four days of work by two master goldsmiths mastering twelve different trades using seven meters of brass tape dipped in 24 carat gold with five hundred and eight silver-weld points. This bottle was disgorged in December 2007. Anticipated maturity 2010 – 2032.
The disgorged bit is worrying.
Go for the hip op in Thailand and dont forget £10 a week for a personal assistant or whatever you call them. Lol.
cold because of 5£ postage.
Very Jay Z.
I wish everything came in a Jeroboam
Including Spam?
I prefer Asti myself, £13k for a bottle of vino.
£300 off on some tasty champagne... can't argue with that! have some heat!
can I blame brexit yet for the fact I can't afford one?
£4000, now that's a proper saving. None of this £5 off nonsense
At last a bottle that is probably more expensive volume for volume than original printer cartridges..
OMG. Who would actually buy this ?
2002 WAS a great year.....
told you it was a bargain....
Sadly now back up to £16995. Soz to anyone who missed out....
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