love film 3 months for the price of 1 plus £15.75 TCB

love film 3 months for the price of 1 plus £15.75 TCB

Found 10th Dec 2013
this is a great deal for new subscribers.
top package is £13.27 3 disks at home at anytime plus streaming.
£1.73 profit!!!
However if like me you collect Avios miles this will give you 1575 clubcard points (inluding TCB'S 5% bonus)
exchange via BA
1 clubcard voucher equals 600 avios so 1500 = 3600.
the deal finishes in 5days.
hope this helps
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Lovefilm has really gone down hill in terms of movie availability. Wolverine, Hangover 3, Man of Steel - all in the shops but not available for rental through Lovefilm. They are available for rental through other channels though.
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I do Agree with you it can be really frustrating, however this is a no brainer. it's free for three months plus a little profit.
For me it's purely for the Avios points BA charge £31.00 for 1000 avios. this is 3600 for £13.27.
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This is for everyone.

there are cheaper packages available I chose the top package to max the deal.
Thanks i last had the £20 amazon voucher with the free trial last year so signed up with a new card and different email. Just been activated for the account so now hoping TCB fully tracks
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you're welcome. hope so too
I know it says for new members but if ive had a trial in the past can i not get this deal??
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possibly. try a different email and card number

there are cheaper packages available I chose the top package to max the … there are cheaper packages available I chose the top package to max the deal.

Confused, TCB site says £15.15 is for "New User Registration and Subscription Purchase/Streaming Only Package Purchase"
which suggests to me its only for the £5.99 a month streaming service, none of the other packages, and the cashback amount isnt reliant on the size/value of the package so not sure how you can "max" the deal?
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It was purely to get the most on offer as the dvd's "3" at home at any time was the best for me. The streaming is good however this does not have the most recent titles available whereas the dvd options do. I have the streaming and dvd package which is a subscription and streaming. I have paid the£13.27 for the top option so to watch the most recent titles available.
hope this helps
ah, thanks for the clarification. So the cashback has tracked with you going for the top package, not the streaming-only?
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It hasn't tracked but my transactions for some reason never do, however I read the notes underneath where it said
"Please note that to become eligible for cashback a new sign up must order & return one DVD or Stream at least 120mins of films.
so this confirmed it for me, I wondered the same as you.
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when I submitted the cash back claim it automatically came up with the cash back amount
signed up for the streaming-only, we'll see if it tracks. To be honest having looked at the film selection I dont think I'll get more than 3 months out of it, where are all the recent/decent films?! Its a massive collection of B-movies you've never heard of.
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good luck. I have already had three dvds returned them today and will wait for the next
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