Love The Beast  DVD £1 @ Pounldand

Love The Beast DVD £1 @ Pounldand

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Found 2nd Sep 2011
Bought this the other day, and it was a £1 coin well spent,

Cinematography is really good and looks Great upscaled on a HD TV

Its got some decent extras and a look at some of Jay Lenos car collection


What if you were a Hollywood movie star with an obsession for cars and racing? You would probably read every script with even the tiniest link to the subject matter, in the hope that you could tell a great car story of the likes of "Grand Prix", "Le Mans" or "Mad Max". Then one day you happened to open your garage door and sitting there, right in front of you, was the film you had been searching for. This is what happened to Eric Bana and this time around, the co-star is his very own Ford GT Falcon Coupe- THE BEAST. Eric realized the story was in fact, about him, his first car, a lifetime of ownership and a lifetime of friendship. He set about documenting his own 25 year long love story. A simple tale of one man's ongoing relationship with his very first car. After years of precious restoration, Eric and his 3 closest friends, decided to enter the car into one of the most grueling and dangerous motor races that exists: The Targa Tasmania Rally


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Heat ... Thanks Op

A steal at one pound
Buy It if you are a petrolhead
you wont regret it
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