LoveFilm 33% off membership pre-payments
LoveFilm 33% off membership pre-payments

LoveFilm 33% off membership pre-payments

"Pay up front for 6 or 12 months and you'll make a saving of 33% on the normal price.

Simply select the length of time you wish to pre-pay and we'll extend your subscription. It's that easy."


I did this yesterday and saved £52 on my year's subscription.



Just thought I'd share our experience of Lovefilm- every single disc we recieved while we were subscribed was scratched or damaged, three wouldn't even play. We were on waiting lists to recieve new releases but ended up waiting months for them to be delivered and when we cancelled our subscription they claimed we hadn't returned a disc- we had... but we still got charged a restocking fee which was about £20.

Now I use my Tesco clubcard vouchers to buy blockbuster tokens which is miles cheaper - £11.85 in deals vouchers buys 12 rental vouchers. A blockbuster rental is normally £3.95...

Anyway, I'm not saying this is not a good deal... to quote Duncan Ballantyne and co...... I'M OUT

I feel that the Trial period is the sweet spot. Get what you want when you want and you think that the service will remain like this but after about a week of being a paid subscriber, your thrown into the "Waiting Pool" and trial users have a higher priority over paying subscribers. Luckily I have just signed up to the 3 month trial thing, highly reconmend that!
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