LOVEFiLM  - Half price subscription for existing members.

LOVEFiLM - Half price subscription for existing members.

Found 5th Jul 2013
I just cancelled my lovefilm account. You now have to wait until after 12 am to do this online.

I was offered some half price deals before cancelling "as a valued customer" - all available with the click of a mouse.

2 months for the price of 1
4 months for price of 2
or 12 months for price of 9 (wtf?)

I was on 2 discs + games unlimited tariff.

I understand that they won't be renting games soon so may not be great deal for gamers.
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This will be cold but I like lovefilm and this just saved me £20. Thanks
Looks like they are getting desperate, wonder if they are going to change there mind on game rentals when they lose half there customers lol
It's a Jedi mind trick.
Don't know why this is so cold - if you use Lovefilm anyway then this is a good offer to get a couple of months for free
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