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love film 3 months for the price of 1 plus £15.75 TCB
Found 10th Dec 2013Found 10th Dec 2013
love film 3 months for the price of 1 plus £15.75 TCB
this is a great deal for new subscribers. top package is £13.27 3 disks at home at anytime plus streaming. £1.73 profit!!! However if like me you collect Avios miles this will gi… Read more

good luck. I have already had three dvds returned them today and will wait for the next


signed up for the streaming-only, we'll see if it tracks. To be honest having looked at the film selection I dont think I'll get more than 3 months out of it, where are all the recent/decent films?! Its a massive collection of B-movies you've never heard of.


when I submitted the cash back claim it automatically came up with the cash back amount


It hasn't tracked but my transactions for some reason never do, however I read the notes underneath where it said "Please note that to become eligible for cashback a new sign up must order & return one DVD or Stream at least 120mins of films. so this confirmed it for me, I wondered the same as you.


ah, thanks for the clarification. So the cashback has tracked with you going for the top package, not the streaming-only?

Amazon £20 Voucher code With LOVEFiLM after first monthly payment
Found 7th Dec 2013Found 7th Dec 2013
Amazon £20 Voucher code With LOVEFiLM after first monthly payment
This is my first so be lenient. But this sounds like a great offer as you triple your money!... almost (as everyone uses Amazon) T&Cs:- Terms and Conditions: Offer expires on 3… Read more
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i also have not received voucher :(


Well..crap it seems i cancelled it the day before the payment of next month is done, no £20 amazon voucher for me for this foolish mistake lol :(


Same :)


Got my voucher last night - was about 2 days after my first payment went out.


Just paid 1st month, no voucher so far?

Get £9 profit by signing up to Lovefilm through Quidco + get 3 months subscription for the price of 1
Found 5th Dec 2013Found 5th Dec 2013
Get £9 profit by signing up to Lovefilm through Quidco + get 3 months subscription for the price of 1
This deal will enable you to get a full three months subscription to LoveFilm's unlimited streaming service for only £5.99, PLUS potentially receive £15 cashback from Quidco, resul… Read more

Not expired, just made it yesterday, got a tracking today.


Please note that the 30 day free trial is not avalible through Topcashback and cashback is only paid on purchases of new LOVEFiLM subscriptions.


OK =) cheers.


I got a purchase tracking confirmation email from Quidco a couple of hours after I signed up


this is great. thanks for the heads up guys.

6 Months Lovefilm Instant Streaming for the price of 2 Total  £11.98
Found 9th Nov 2013Found 9th Nov 2013
6 Months Lovefilm Instant Streaming for the price of 2 Total £11.98
Get six months Lovefilm instant streaming for the price of two months paying £11.98 up front with nothing more to pay until the seven month which will be charged at £5.99 a month … Read more

Thanks will give it a go....


Simply change your DNS settings for free, and netflix becomes great as it shows the US catalogue:


NOW TV has revised its monthly subscription fee for movies from a ridiculous £14.99/mth to a still-more-expensive-but-rather-more-competitive £8.99/mth. The movies are those on Sky Movies making it a better option than taking the movies bundle IMHO (cheaper and can watch in multiple rooms). So compared to Netflix and Lovefilm its movies are more up-to-date and ones you're more likely to want to watch, although the total number is lower. Downside compared to Netflix and Lovefilm is the number of different types of platforms you can install on (not Wii for example) and the lower number of platforms you can install and concurrently view on (4 devices, 2 concurrent streams vs Lovefilms unlimited devices, 3 concurrent streams).


Not clear cut! Netflix is supposed to have better quality streaming BUT you can get BluRay/DVD with Lovefilm which will give better quality than any streaming service (and extras!) - but far harder to "impulse select" Depends on what you want!


lovefilm has a bigger library of films but neither really have any majorly up to date films

6 months Lovefilm for the price of 2 includes previous customers DVD Rental Unlimited and Streaming
Found 14th Aug 2013Found 14th Aug 2013
6 months Lovefilm for the price of 2 includes previous customers DVD Rental Unlimited and Streaming
Just follow the link. Ends on Sunday
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Link says expired now.


heat given this finishes soon! this works for existing customers as well. since it worked for me :)


Exactly what happened to me just now. Got the Amazon message and then tried to reactivate account via phone. Was told the deal is only for new customers. It's like they really don't want business.


They have changed the T&C to add New Customers only and remove all the returning customers clauses. And what's most annoying is they are trying to tell me they haven't and it was always new customers only


It wouldn't work for me on my current account but as it doesn't exclude existing customers in the T&C I have emailed them. As they have pulled the upfront payments with the discount (which I negotiated a bit extra on last year) I was planning to cancel in December but hopefully they will honour the offer as 4 free months would leave my next years sub around the same as what I'm paying now which I can justify. I do wish they would just lower their prices across the board mind you, they say its he studios but they are getting worse with their release dates, some movies never appear (or do so only on DVD when they have a Bluray release) and more and more upcoming releases get listed as being available on their retail release but with no button to add it to your rental list so there's a point where they aren't available on Lovefilm but aren't on the coming soon list which means its easy to miss them becoming available

LOVEFiLM 60-Days + FREE £15/£20 voucher for various retailers (FULL LIST)
Found 12th Aug 2013Found 12th Aug 2013
LOVEFiLM 60-Days + FREE £15/£20 voucher for various retailers (FULL LIST)
Hi all, here are the latest active LOVEFiLM promotional codes offering various free voucher incentives. £20 Boots - LFAWBOOTS20 £20 - LFAW20AMAZON £20 TOPMAN / TOPSHO… Read more
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Afraid it doesn't work. The package selection page doesn't recognise the code.


It is still working yes, you can add any of the codes above to the end of this weblink to see full terms and conditions and proceed with the offer.


is this deal still working? I tried to use the amazon code but it said something about not recognising the code and doesn't let me continue to complete sign up even though it does say on anther part of the page it''s recognised the code :/


The starter pack is still £4.89 - see the bottom of sign up window.


it has gone up to £5.99? Can I get the voucher early before i completed the trial by paying for the 1 month early?

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6 MONTHS LOVEFiLM Instant for £10
LocalLocalFound 31st Jul 2013Found 31st Jul 2013
6 MONTHS LOVEFiLM Instant for £10
More movies and children’s TV to watch instantly than all TV channels and Netflix combined* Unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV shows available instantly Streaming to LO… Read more
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LoveFilm down for all Sony TV / Media player customers... Look on twitter at all the complaints been down for days and no ETA


TCB to Mighty deals gives 15% then toLovefilms deal


Is this deal still available? The link takes me straight to the 30 day free trial and I can't find it on the rest of the site?


never had a problem with streaming from lovefilm i stream through my xbox and use talk talk broadband

£15 Amazon Voucher, after paying for susbcription after 30 day trial. @LOVEFiLM
Found 23rd Jul 2013Found 23rd Jul 2013
£15 Amazon Voucher, after paying for susbcription after 30 day trial. @LOVEFiLM
30 Days free Love Film trial, pay for subscription and a £15 Amazon Voucher will be sent out on day of purchase to your email. I received this information on paper, in a package I… Read more

£12 cash at TCB just for doing the trial at the moment.... So yeah.. do that instead.

LOVEFiLM  - Half price subscription for existing members.
Found 5th Jul 2013Found 5th Jul 2013
LOVEFiLM - Half price subscription for existing members.
I just cancelled my lovefilm account. You now have to wait until after 12 am to do this online. I was offered some half price deals before cancelling "as a valued customer" - a… Read more
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Don't know why this is so cold - if you use Lovefilm anyway then this is a good offer to get a couple of months for free :)


It's a Jedi mind trick.


Looks like they are getting desperate, wonder if they are going to change there mind on game rentals when they lose half there customers lol


This will be cold but I like lovefilm and this just saved me £20. Thanks


Get Amazon Prime + LOVEFiLM Instant for only £79 per year (£29 saving)
Found 1st Jul 2013Found 1st Jul 2013
Get Amazon Prime + LOVEFiLM Instant for only £79 per year (£29 saving)
* Unlimited One-Day Delivery on millions of eligible items at * Borrow from over 300,000 books a month from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library * Unlimited access to th… Read more
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Not expired, still available


It must be manufacturer dependent, I've ordered a heavy kids slide and etc and had that delivered. being able to order on a friday and have it delivered on a saturday by courier is well worth the prime fee, especially if you share the cost it between 4 member of family in different parts of the country by inviting them on the account ;)


Heavy items excluded are things like windbreaks. Yes, they are heavy. But they still allow Prime for things like washing lines. And, yes, Prime is a loss-leader for Amazon. But still my beef with the heavy item exclusion is that the items are priced quite low and they make their money with the postage. Wish they realistically priced everything rather than tempt people with low product pricing - only to disappoint them with postage costs.


bolt on items are indeed excluded ;( not seen any heavy items excluded myself though with my membership


The Films are FREE in the AMERICA with prime just another rip-off Briton.

walking dead series 1 streamed with lovefilm 3 months for £3 plus 2 dvd/blu-ray discs at a time
Found 22nd Jun 2013Found 22nd Jun 2013
walking dead series 1 streamed with lovefilm 3 months for £3 plus 2 dvd/blu-ray discs at a time
For new customers only BUT it works if your an existing customer but use a different e-mail. You basically get charged £1 a month for 3 months and get lovefilm streaming service … Read more

What is the promotion code please


I hope it is HD so it will scare the bejesus out of the kids.


depends on the source, but an increasing number of titles are HD. I'd imagine walking dead would be HD


It was in the link but its messed up, i will try get the code for you mate


Can I have the code you were sent by amazon?

30 days FREE Trial + FREE £20 Boots Voucher at LOVEFiLM
Found 21st May 2013Found 21st May 2013
30 days FREE Trial + FREE £20 Boots Voucher at LOVEFiLM
Sign up to your 30 day free trial with LOVEFiLM, and receive a FREE £20 Boots Voucher if you become a paying member (Which costs just £4.99) So, £20 - £4.99 = £15.01 (Free to spen… Read more
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Lovefilm 1month free plus £20 amazon voucher
Found 10th May 2013Found 10th May 2013
Lovefilm 1month free plus £20 amazon voucher
Lovefilm with 1 month free and a £20 amazon voucher for new signups. Voucher sent after 1st payment made, currently £4.99 a month for instant streaming. Thought it was a good deal … Read more

My answer to your question @SHDY I signed up for a free month with a cashback of I think £10 after I've watched 120 minutes and another £20 if I pay for month 2 and watch some more drivel. Have to say that even with a net profit of £25 after 2 months, I don't think I can bear to watch enough of the absolute rubbish on offer to qualify for any more than that first £10. It took me a while to find something that might be half decent (hahaha) and decided to watch Battle - Los Angeles. That turned into a battle to stay awake as it was so awful. In order to qualify for my £10, I've left some random film playing with the sound turned off. I truly cannot believe that Amazon would have bought such an awful catalogue of duff stuff and then try to sell it to the public. I can now well understand why they are offering such big cash inducements to get people to sign up. Typing this has convinced me that I really can't be bothered to renew for that 2nd month, unless it only involves the £4.99 payment. If it involves a repeat of month 1, the compulsory 120 minutes viewing, then enough is enough because 2 hours of my time is worth more to me than £20. In the language understood by tens of millions of Eurovision song contest devotees.... ... Amazon LoveFilm, Nul Points


I am completely confused: How is this not SUPER HOT? Wtf, - some other deal with 1600 msp as the gift went over 700 degrees. Not one single person here even said it's a good deal? In the other deal comments someone tells people about a 15 quid Amazon voucher deal. I'm kinda worried that there's some problem with this 20 quid voucher, because nobody seems to care about it - while it's definitely a much better deal than 1600 msp or 15 quid! Please enlighten me! I want to get it :)


t and c state u will have to pay for a dvd rental service I belive this is more than 4.99 to qualify for the amazon voucher


for a minute I thought "what are you on about?" and then I read the previous posts. Haha. It's true though, they genuinely are better.


Yay! You win the award :D

2 months Lovefilm & 1600 Xbox Microsoft Points £4.99
Found 6th May 2013Found 6th May 2013
2 months Lovefilm & 1600 Xbox Microsoft Points £4.99
sign up to lovefilm at the link (now using your amazon account). When you have made your first payment (£4.99 on Lovefilm instant) you will be sent 1600 microsoft points, and of c… Read more
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i just signed up, when do i get my £15 amazon voucher, i was hoping to get it now?:/ ?...


damn I paid my 4.99 renewel on the 8th and still no points in post or email regarding anything about the points, and I leave this place on monday (my uni address) :\ EDIT: funny timing, because I just found them in the post downstairs so they must've come yesterday (Saturday). unsure why they took so long considering I renewed on the 8th, but I'm not complaining. They were only addressed to my first name though with no surname, which I thought was weird. Anyway, thanks for the deal OP.


If you're referring to MS points, mine came through the post a few days after my first direct debit was taken. I cancelled online but you still have access to Lovefilm until the end of the month you have paid for by DD.


Wait im confused as hell, they never specified how soon after renewinng or how it would be delivered is it through email or post? someone please clairify


How do you receive the £15 gift certificate voucher? It's been over 30 days and I have made my first payment. Should I get an email or will it show up in my account?

watch the pilot episode of Zombieland (tv series) for free
Found 19th Apr 2013Found 19th Apr 2013
watch the pilot episode of Zombieland (tv series) for free
watch the pilot episode of zombieland for free - the series may be picked up by amazon (or a major network) and you can vote on which pilot becomes a series. Amazon (who own love … Read more
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Well Amazon have dropped it, thanks to the negative reviews on


Do you know what a Pilot is? The reason this is free is so that the series will get enough views to be put forward. It will get these views not from being good, having good actors or plot, but from being called 'Zombieland'. If not cancelled, it won't make it to the second season.


One of the worst things I've ever seen. Might not have been so bad if they'd taken it as a side story to the film or something of that nature. But trying to continue, or re-use, aspects of the films story line was an awful move. The acting was abysmal in parts.


it has 5.8 on imdb...


Although wasting my time is my number one hobby, some people clearly do like it or it wouldn't have been released at all! Several people on here like it, and it has good reviews on Lovefilm.

Get a £15 Amazon Voucher if you sign up to LoveFilm
Found 12th Apr 2013Found 12th Apr 2013
Get a £15 Amazon Voucher if you sign up to LoveFilm
So with these deal you sign up to Love Film, you'll be given 30 days free, then after that once you make your first payment you can cancel instantly but you'll be sent a £15 vouche… Read more
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Well there's also the DVD / Blu-ray rent by post system which give a much better choice, especially if you want newer movies. I took up this offer before but gave up chasing the voucher & got my unused subscription refunded instead. Very agnoring customer service department which is totally separate to the promotions department. But you ain't allowed to speak to the promo dept direct.


Voucher aside, I took the free trials of love film and netflix, but never downloaded a thing from either. They had nothing in their catalogues that I wanted to watch. They DON'T have lots of movies that have already been on broadcast TV. So what is the point? Plenty of rubbish coming in off the airways constantly with no hassle, why pay for more indifferent dross?


i got mine within days must have been lucky


They did this before and most people had a lot of trouble actually getting the voucher. Although most did eventually.

Get £12 cashback for registering and completing the free trial @ Lovefilm
Found 10th Apr 2013Found 10th Apr 2013
Get £12 cashback for registering and completing the free trial @ Lovefilm
All you have to do then is follow the link from Quidco, which will take you to the Lovefilm site, and sign up for their 30-day free trial. Simple! Signing up to Lovefilm is comple… Read more

Quidco £18


A lot of the cold voters do so I think on the assumption that because they've already had their free trial, the rest of the world must have too. I guess though it could also be a repost...


Did this when it was £18 on April 6th and was paid April 10th. Hot. Free money voted cold. Again, I'm amazed.



1 month free trial at LoveFilm, also works on reactivations
Found 8th Apr 2013Found 8th Apr 2013
1 month free trial at LoveFilm, also works on reactivations
I used this code to reactivate my account there now: FP3RX3D3K

I don`t think it does with LoveFilm, when I had my free trial when I bought my Kindle Fire HD, I cancelled my subscription just before the trial was over. If I hadn`t I was under the impression that they would automatically take the money and my LoveFilm account was linked up through my Amazon account, so that is what would have been charged. That was November last year though, so I don`t know if they have changed the way they do things since then. Hope this helps you. :)


Does anyone now if the free month you get with a kindle auto expires ? As mines still actice beyond the 30. Not checked if ive been charged


Thanks worked for me;)


and me! robbing b@*#%


worked for meand i already had a trial earlier this year.. Many thanks OP! i

Free £20 amazon voucher from Lovefilm
Found 8th Apr 2013Found 8th Apr 2013
Free £20 amazon voucher from Lovefilm
This is only my 2nd post so bare with me... I signed up for the Love Film free month trial (online movies only) 2 months ago and have since cancelled and gone with Netflix. Howev… Read more
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That was for the other post, oh dear!


I was actually posting this from the loo, so kind of bare yeah!


That was the deal I did recently- except I was fully aware that I was going to get the £20 voucher. Good deal, still a poor service though.


So what's the deal here...?


Is that the reward for a 2nd post? Are you a naturist?

30 day free trial + £18 cashback (ONE DAY TO GO)
Found 5th Apr 2013Found 5th Apr 2013
30 day free trial + £18 cashback (ONE DAY TO GO)
This is similar to a deal posted a month ago. Lovefilm is pretty good for the games. Flatmates and I each go through a one month cycle which lasts us most of the term. Basically g… Read more
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Just for a heads up, the cashback has been confirmed.


Sure you have figured it out but for anyone else, you are either not logged in or your account has not been activated yet :) Thanks for the response to my other comment.


help - just settling in to watch a movie but got this error message on all the films: what's the meaning of 'only available to active subscribers'? Credit card details and package selected was online streaming, available for all Instant titles.


quidco has an annual fee of £5. T&C in FAQs page: "Is there a cost? We get a commission from our retail partners for referring sales to them and we pay this money straight into your bank or PayPal account via your Quidco account as cashback, and while we retain the first £5 cashback you earn during each membership year (please note that we never take money from your bank account) this money is spent on helping us maintain and improve the site, provide customer services, ensure that we can remain free from third party advertising and, crucially, work with retailers to enable us to provide you with the best deals" TCB (TopCashBack) is another cashback site - doesn't charge. i switch between the two whichever gives me best cashback/has promo.


I'm wondering the same thing. We're getting paid £18 for a month's free movies and games.