Lovesexy - single track mix - Prince (MP3) £0.69 @ Amazon

Lovesexy - single track mix - Prince (MP3) £0.69 @ Amazon

Found 28th May 2009
"Eye" No, Alphabet St., Glam Slam, Anna Stesia, Dance On, Lovesexy, When 2R In Love, I Wish U Heaven, Positivity
by Prince
From the Album Lovesexy

All full tracks from the album combined into a single track, 45 minutes long.


Lovesexy is when it all went bad. I was a HUGE Prince fan before Lovesexy. His early work is simply amazing.

lovesexy is a great album, not to eveyones taste though as it's a spiritual album, before he turned JW so it's not god bothering hell. a lot of fans say this is one of their favourite albums. alphabet street was the big hit single. the original cd was one single 45 minute track, and they've done the same with the mp3 so you get a whole album for the price of one track, so if you like alphabet street it's worth 69p to check out the rest

this album is quite different to his other albums, and he has a few albums that are like that in that they are unlike the other albums, he really changes band/sound/theme/style on albums, moving from soul to funk to rock to pop to jazz etc. this is kind of pop, but like a pop concept album about spirituality. and if that sounds mad, then i've summed the album up well!

Good point, uni. 69p is good. Alphabet Street and Anna Stesia are enjoyable. But for me, this was the turning point. I absolutely adored Sign of the Times (the cd and the concert). And When Doves Cry at full blast still sends shivers.
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