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Found 22nd Jan 2017Found 22nd Jan 2017
Ok wimbledon greyhound track have a free offer in jan & feb you get a free drink, admission and a race card for up to 4 people on one voucher save £40 unbelievable deal also fo… Read more

​just seen this! we're woeful at penalties and frighteningly we'd be about 3rd if we tucked em away. ah well!


Bad penalty miss right at the end 7th this season for fulham :(


​thanks ;)

waterloo or click the link and then click belle vue then move the banner along at the top or wait till it changes.


anyone know where I can find the print out for belle vue?

Greyhound Racing Wimbledon - FREE Entry, FREE Racecard, FREE Drink (Similar deals at Manchester & Birmingham)
Found 5th Mar 2016Found 5th Mar 2016
Following deal for Wimbledon. (For other locations see bottom of listing) Free Night at the Dogs for up to 4 people worth over £40 If you are looking for a howling night out tha… Read more

Looks like the favourite may not win the race. Coming up from the rear is a new greyhound track at Plough Lane!


This ^^ I did the same,they have the old dogs there (albeit 3 of them, perhaps the others are all bolt gunned) and instead of gambling all my money I gave a little to them (not a dog lover if that matters but an animal lover).


Very true. Keeping any pet is cruel IMO. But mankind will always make what is best for themselves out of all natural resources.


By that logic, keeping any "pet" is cruel as no animals were created to be pets. Dogs can be fantastic pets because they've been bred for man's requirements. Same as greyhounds for racing requirements Rottweilers for guard dogs etc etc etc... I've been to Wimbledon dogs and I found it felt "not quite right" in my stomach watching it. Wouldn't go again but credit where it's due the deal is a good one if that's your thing.


AFC Wimbledon will be there. Not sure if MK Dons will return as well or if they are staying up North.:D

Wimbledon Dogs. Free Entry, Racecard & a Pint. Just print voucher and produce at turnstiles
Found 14th Jan 2015Found 14th Jan 2015
Decent night out for free (you need money to bet with obviously otherwise it's boring) You might even win some dosh Sorry the free pint is crappy carling
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Great deal


It makes you go soft in the head at least.


I thought Carling was a soft drink?oO


If you don't like Carling you can get a free soft drink instead.


Should be in freebies.

Free entry to Wimbledon Dogs for Oyster Card holders
Found 8th Jun 2013Found 8th Jun 2013
Got an Oyster Card? Then you can join us Trackside for a fun night out absolutely FREE at London Wimbledon Stadium any Friday or Saturday race night (valid until the 28th June 201… Read more
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Cheers OP, mates and I were planning on going this Friday anyway - should save us a few bob each.


Then again Sue Bark-er may be there?


Don't waste your time, they can't get a decent rally going and only the Dobermans have got the hang of volleys. On the plus side, Cliff Richard didn't turn up.


Is my cousin Vinny gonna be there :)


yep! Sent it before I was finished!

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Night @ The Dogs - Admission, Programme, £2 bet, Burger & chips, Pint  £8 at Hall Green
LocalLocalFound 22nd Feb 2013Found 22nd Feb 2013
Not a bad night out! This applies to Birmingham hall Green but they have other stadiums, they have a similar deal at Wimbledon that includes a £6 return ticket. This exclusive, in… Read more
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I agree :(


COLD: The dog racing industry has appalling animal welfare standards, and leads to the cruel untimely deaths and / or abandonment of hundreds of greyhounds each year. It's in really poor taste to put your money towards, IMO. :(


Good God no I don't work there! I am a cat lady! I am on their mailing list as I live local and was looking for something to do payday weekend woohooo!


wonder where the OP works??? Good offer tho, I like Hall Green, HOT!

FREE entry, FREE racecard and a FREE burger with an Oyster card at Wimbledon Dog Track!
Found 8th May 2012Found 8th May 2012
You need to register your details as a new customer but this is a great deal we used last weekend. Entry is normally £6 I think, a burger is around £3 and a racecard is at least a … Read more

The first tuesday of every month at Owlerton races in Sheffield is excellent: You get free entry, free hotdog and chips and £3 free betting!


Good thing I refunded the groupon voucher, now it's free!


similar deal @ Belle Vue dogs in Manchester with a Metro ticket, but you get a free beer with it too!


Sure, you can use it on the tube as well! And some trains too! What do you think happens to the dogs that lose the races? oO


Ive had the burgers at Wimbledon dogs, no wonder they're free in the deal.

Free Admission and A Free Drink to Greyhound Racing (Just cost of one text) @ Love The Dogs
Found 24th Mar 2012Found 24th Mar 2012
Great offer! Free admission and a free drink. There's a location in Manchester/Birmingham/Oxford/Wimbledon. Manchester - Text "Dogs Belle" to 82222 Birmingham, Hall Green - Text "… Read more

Any new codes for perry barr dogs


Thanks for this


wow eddyw that is pretty immense wish they didnt that at the birmingham one would definately head there!!


If anyone is in sheffield, the first tuesday of every month it is free admission and you get free hotdog and chips, free pint and £3 of free betting all by just filling out and printing a voucher - went at the start of this month and it was great!:



Free entry to Greyhound racing in August - Birmingham Hall Green
Found 6th Aug 2011Found 6th Aug 2011
Go to the web site, the offer is for free entry during August and a £3 drinks voucher. One per person, you have to put in your email address so you may need more than one if you w… Read more
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Yeah, too true but its free +beer, so have some heat.


Ooo, and whilst you're there be sure to ask about the greyhounds who are too old / lame to run anymore - return home with a free dog as well as free entry (such dogs are often killed / euthanised / abandoned after they are no longer seen as 'fit for purpose')... It's a harsh short life for most racing dogs.

Belle Vue Greyhound Racing Manchester-Free Admission, drink and £2 tote bet when you buy a racecard (£2.50)
Found 9th Jan 2009Found 9th Jan 2009
Download and fill in the attached form and you can get free entry, a drink and a free £2 tote bet when you buy a racecard which costs £2.50. Racing is every Tuesday, Thursday, Fri… Read more
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The diamond lodge? We had a really good night when we stayed there after going to the dogs.


The link works fine, it goes straight to a PDF so I would imagine there is something wrong with your adobe reader installation


both links are not working


Most of the 'food' I've had in there makes it way from mouth to....erm.... the other end, faster than it made its way around the track when it was still wearing a collar!


Its about time they started paying you to drink the beer in there ! I wont even talk about the burgers but suffice to say, mine still had the collar on.....

Free Greyhound Derby 2008 Tickets - Wimbledon
Found 18th Mar 2008Found 18th Mar 2008
Complete theshort survey to receive 2 complimentary Main Grandstand tickets to the Blue Square Derby Final on Saturday 31st May.
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This deal was only posted on 18th yet on the site it says "We're sorry this guest survey is now closed. It closed at midnight on 14th March" I didn't manage to get tickets :(


Agreed Actually, technically no ... they were never intended to race - although they are rather good at it ;-) Shall I sit here and wait for your to copy and paste where I said that racing should be banned and tracks shut down ? I didnt say anything of the kind. They do make excellent pets. It seems more and more people are now seeing through all the myths surrounding the breed :)


Ok not the place to open up a discussion why did you post Voted cold as we run a Greyhound rehoming charity You was asking for a response yes ??? and now you are saying your going to post some images of ill and suffering greyhounds ok i know it happens don't get me wrong and if i was to see it happen i would make the people suffer as much as they made the dog suffer they are scum. My dogs love and i mean love racing that is what they are breed for ??? you should see them after and before the race they are well happy. i think its best if you post your views about banning greyhound racing and shutting down all the tracks elsewhere this was just a deal about free ticket's this is a deals websites. Please don't think i don't appreciate what you do i bet you work very hard and love and care for these beautiful animal's very well and they are so good as house pets we have had at least 10 in own time at home so keep up the good work i care :thumbsup:


This certainly isnt the place to open up such a discussion - as well you know. You also know what some trainers do to their dogs - before, during and after training. The fact you look after your dogs after they retire, I applaud. And yes, it does cost a lot of money ... especially when you have to multiply your sum by hundreds / even thousands. Let me know if you want me to post some links / images to back up my reasons for voting cold.


And whats that supposed to mean i love my dogs and look after them when they retire it costs me lots of extra money to keep them plus all of the owners i know do the same.