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Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 245/35/20 Runflats £56.68 @ Lovetyres
Found 12th Jan 2017Found 12th Jan 2017
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 245/35/20 Runflats £56.68 @ Lovetyres
Came across these earlier today. No interest to me (took the runflats off my car within a week of getting it) and it could well be an error on their site, but less than 1/3 of the … Read more
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I got my last ones from Camskills I think they were called. Michelins, good price.


Wow, what a poorly written statement!


Nope, added 4 to basket comes in at £906.88


Any other decent tyre deals out there at the moment? Need to replace all four on the strife's car. :( 195/55 R16


BMW fitted runflats as standard for years. First thing to get chucked off the car every time, atrocious things especially on bigger wheels

Nokian WR A3 205/55 R16 H 94XL  £31.90(+delivery)  lovetyres
Found 26th Feb 2016Found 26th Feb 2016
Nokian WR A3 205/55 R16 H 94XL £31.90(+delivery) lovetyres
Unbelievable price for excellent winter tyre in this size ! Comes out at less than £140 for full set - delivered !!! Reviews:

I got my Nokian WR D4 set from Blackcircles last winter for £36 each fitted. Still have them on now since the tread is so deep it takes ages to wear down in summer and braking distance is still very good


Thanks, just read your post in full. Funnily enough, I'm a Mazda 6 owner too! Anyway, when you add these tyres to the basket, they say DOT 2013/14, so a couple of years old


I worked for one of the biggest (the biggest by some measurements) tyre company in the world back in the 1990 into 2000's and I would schedule Nokian branded tyres for production based on an arrangement which were exactly the same tyres as the premium brand other then the stampings that were installed into the moulds branding Nokian! I'm not saying this would defiantly be the case here or know not if this arrangement still exists but I would say there is a chance these tyres are as good as the A1 Premium brand tyre you would all be screaming whoopee do over if they were sold at that price.


You would have to read my first review, post number 5. Sorry I still had it in my head but quite a few posts put after my first one where I said about needing some winter tyres this time last year. I rang the importer who was advertising them at a very good price, not quite as good as this deal but they were manufactured in 2012, so nearly three years old. Rubber deteriorates with age that's all.


REUTERS - dummy.... car tyres prices starting at £7.20
Found 25th Jan 2015Found 25th Jan 2015 car tyres prices starting at £7.20
seems to be a price glitch showing tyres for £7.20 each worth a try Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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yup cancelled mine too.


Pah cancelled. At least John Lewis gave me £50 today.


Yep mine cancelled too, saying it hasn't took any money on the email though & it has! :/ just waiting for refund now




Cancelation email received sorry guys you will all get the same next!!!

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 225/45/17Y @ Love Tyres - £70.27 + £6 delivery
Found 6th Nov 2014Found 6th Nov 2014
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 225/45/17Y @ Love Tyres - £70.27 + £6 delivery
Great price for PREMIUM BRANDED 225/45/17 tyres. Delivered to your choice of location. Local fitters will put them on for between £5-10 each. The big Kwik Fit & Halford typ… Read more
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Fantastic! This is why im about to buy smaller rims (18 is the smallest for my car :/) and probably continental TS850P winter tyres. £1200 for the set inc new alloys but well worth it to keep drying if it snows! All the guidelines say the same - if you are stupid enough not to change your tyres then you should use winter tyres all year not summer. It's false economy not to change though - yes you have bigger outlay but your summer tyres arent being used half the time so last years.


Doesn't have to snow for winter tyres to be effective, they benefit at anything under 7°C. Bet he had loads of fun in the Alfa over winter and regarding importing tyres, all my tyres for the last 10 years have come from abroad as they are cheaper.


You could try changing the wheels i'm sure a scrappy would do some steal rims for a fiver each


My next door neighbor did he had to import from Germany ,why i don't know for his Alfa romeo cost him £500 ......guess what it barley snowed last year


Thanks for these threads, I needed to get these done. Just purchased 2x Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse 205 55R 16 91V from National Tyres for less than £63 each getting a 10% discount if you like on facebook - I have an account just for these purposes :-) I dont think this is a very good deal but I will stay neutral just now, after fitting etc you are better off looking for a local garage IMHO

Nokian WR A3 winter tyre 225/45 R17 (other sizes too) £94.90 at Love Tyres
Found 29th Sep 2014Found 29th Sep 2014
Nokian WR A3 winter tyre 225/45 R17 (other sizes too) £94.90 at Love Tyres
Nokian Tyres are based in Nokia in Finland (hence the name) and operate the only permanent winter tyre testing facility, so I imagine they know a thing or two about winter tyres. … Read more
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Sorry loonyjetman, didn't mean to start this, was genuine concern that's all, I'm sure you know your limits and how your car behaves. Reason I finally swapped over was the winter before last my car was useless so I left it at home and used the Missus' Ka or walked. However as we were expecting a little one last December I thought I need to do something incase the weather turns nasty and make the car safer during the winter. Luckily I was looking in July/August so the prices were still low. My winter options were buy 4 budget 17s and pay to keep swapping over tyres twice a year, buy 2 premium and do the same as you or buy 4 mid range in a smaller size and put them on a spare set of 16s. It cost more initially, however now I swap the wheels when I like at no cost, keep my summer wheels looking nice grit free and when I change cars I can sell the wheels on afterwards. At least you've not got the attitude that winter tyres are a waste of money in the UK, too many people don't see the benefits all through the cold season.


I appreciate everyone's concern and if it's dodgy I will bite the bullet and somehow find the money for 2 more but I drove through the last 2 really awful winters we had (201/12 & 2012/13 I think..?) with M&S tyres on the front without a problem. I drive to the conditions or not at all if it looks too bad. I'm not a loony nor a jetman behind the wheel, the nickname is from an old computer game :)




With winter tyres on the driving wheels and summers on the trailing wheels, you will get out of the drive better and straight traction will be better, but cornering and braking will be unstable, the rear end will slide out on a corner at a speed more than walking pace and it's way more difficult to control. Fit 4 or don't bother, 4 summer tyres ate easier to control than a mix.


Well it's up to you, but as Scotty so correctly put it - "Ye cannae change the laws o' physics"

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 225/45/17 - £70.27 @ Love Tyres
Found 23rd Sep 2014Found 23rd Sep 2014
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 225/45/17 - £70.27 @ Love Tyres
Was looking for some new tyres and ATS wanted £110 each for these, so this looks like a bargain. good reviews to. most garages should only charge you around £5 a wheel to fit your… Read more
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Don't tell me, they love you long time.... ??


Cold - i prefer linglongs


Some people are just born to be doubtful of anything and born not to be convinced, best to leave these people to themselves except they could do damage to innocent others.


Maybe you will think different when you manage to avoid an accident one winter. My brother was very sceptical about winter tyres. One evening we were driving past a steep road we know and my bro said you won't get up there and back down. I drove half way up, did a hill start drove to the top and did a three point turn and went back down. He now converted. It might be how I drive. I never much think of under steer as an issue at any time of the year. Maybe you are more Lewis Hamilton and I'm more Jenson Button. :)

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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 (255/35/18) - £129.55 each @ Love Tyres
Found 15th Mar 2014Found 15th Mar 2014
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 (255/35/18) - £129.55 each @ Love Tyres
Consistently voted in the top tyres by Evo magazine. Considerably cheaper than Camskill and the other online tyre retailers. Yes, you can get Linglongs for half the price but if yo… Read more
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Got 4 fitted for £500 last summer from tyre trader. Top performance tyres, even better than the GSD3s I had before especially in the wet. Essential if you drive fast and want to stay on the road!


I had considered the Vredstein as I thought about mid range tyres initially. But for only £10 you get UHP tyres which are simply just better in every way so it's a bit of a no brainer really.


great tyres underated on here though it seems good price thanks


I've got these fitted to my 330ci, amazing tyres:


why so cheap