car tyres prices starting at £7.20
55°Expired car tyres prices starting at £7.20

Found 25th Jan 2015
seems to be a price glitch showing tyres for £7.20 each worth a try

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It's obviously a glitch, nobody in their right mind will expect to find 70+ quid tyres at £7.20 each. Sure, I could try order them but I don't really expect an independent company to honour it. £28.80 instead of £284 for the usual Dunlop Blu's I go for. Add to the fact there is no PayPal option, it will probably be more hassle for you in the end.
very tempting but going to pass as they will surely cancel the order, good luck though
Looks a bit dodgy
Ordered 4 continentals , came to £40.80 with delivery. Let's just hope it goes through!
And there it was....GONE!

Another site killed by HUKD?
fan deal but I doubt they'll honour it. their terms and conditions state : On the unusual event that we discover an error in the price or description of the goods you have ordered we will contact you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it.
*fab deal
Ta OP.
How gutted will I be if they end up honoring this one... I really need new tyres but like others have said, there's no way this is getting honored

Good luck to those trying though!
cheers!! definitely an error and definitely gonna be cancelled but ordered 4 anyways. Who knows.... maybe it'll be another Lindt ball experience
No Northern Ireland delivery option. Everywhere else in the UK is catered for though it seems.

If they had an NI option of definitely be taking a punt.
I've just ordered 4 tyres order went through 40.80
Ordered a set on the off chance they will honour it. I need tyres anyway so worth a try. Thanks OP
just had mine cancelled

just had mine cancelled

what did the email say ?
Back up to normal price

what did the email say ?


We can now confirm that we've cancelled your order.

If payment has been taken for this order we will refund it immediately. If
the order has not been dispatched then no payment will have been taken.

We're sorry to lose you as a valuable customer, and if there's anything else
we can help with in the future please don't hesitate to get in touch.

This is an automated email so please don't reply to it. To discuss this
order or any other issue you have please visit…act

Thank you for shopping with
has anyone else's been cancelled...
Not cancelled yet.



has anyone else's been cancelled...

Nope not yet! Fingers crossed!
still waiting. no update yet....
Cancelation email received sorry guys you will all get the same next!!!
Yep mine cancelled too, saying it hasn't took any money on the email though & it has! just waiting for refund now
Pah cancelled. At least John Lewis gave me £50 today.
yup cancelled mine too.
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