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Found 9th Nov 2015
Use less oil and cook healthier meals!
3 litre non-stick pan
Digital control panel with adjustable time and temperature Up to 24 hour pre-set function
Cool-touch outer
Non-slip feet
Dishwasher safe
pan Includes Plastic Spoon,
Plastic Tongs and Removable stirring rod..
ABOUT A 1/3rd of the price of an actifry and three times longer warranty..
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ALDI Deals


Breville Halo at £59 currently at currys and argos

Breville Halo at £59 currently at currys and argos

Halo 1 year warrany aldi 3 year warranty aldi..u can try it and test it and if ur not happy take it back for a no quibble refund currys u open the box and u are stuck with it..
Capacity of this compared to Airfryer? That's 0.8kg, don't know what that is compared to this.
got the Russel Hobbs for 30 quid..Great little machine.

got the Russel Hobbs for 30 quid..Great little machine.

It's not available at that price any longer.
For those who have already got am air fryer, what does the food taste like?
probably pretty good if there is 3-4 people in your household. I'd still recommend the halo +. having recently purchased one after our acti fry died have been really impressed. taste is all good. not had any complaints from the kids, we cook alsorts in the halo. particularly like that the halo+ doesn't have a paddle, but a raised section of the pan instead.
I bought my first air fryer halogen type cooker 30 years ago. I must have tried about 20 to 30 different modles/ makes. Although the capacity is smaller, this beats halo and actifry hands down, And I would rank it in my top 5 Aldi have a great after sales service and guarantee "most of the time" so I recommend it. I bought mine for the same price else ware, but I'm thinking of getting another as a spare. I don't like to keep kitchen appliances to long, no matter how much you clean them and look after them, the heat gets to them and makes them look grubby. This is the first one I've had that uses hot air instead of halogen, that does a great job. It does a fantastic job on roast potatoes, belly pork, bacon, chicken breasts, and chips. It's way too small to cook a full chicken though. The controls are easy, you can use pre programs, or set the time and heat as you like, but the instruction book is total rubbish. Good luck and have fun if you buy one.
Whilst air fryers are ok for cooking certain things, don't kid yourself that chips cook well in these.
Chips come out looking and tasting nothing like a fried chip.
Most are just like a small fan oven and cooked food comes out similar to what it would do if cooked in a fan oven. The advantage is they cook quicker because its a smaller space to heat up and maintain temperature than a large oven ( plus the hot air circulates better ).
I use air fryers for speed and convenience not low fat cooking. So if you use a bit more oil they DO come out as well as normal fan ovens, if you don't use extra oil chips come out looking and tasting nothing like a fried chip. Yes they are just a small fan oven in reality and as you say food does cook the same way. If you buy one of these but with a halogen heat source its a hole different ball game, but there are not many on the UK market with a stirrer, and that is a must.
As my Actifry is on its last legs I thought I would replace it with one of these fryers. I took it home and thought I would try it out by burning off the newness smell. I was surprised to see the element in the bottom, however it does kick out a good heat. I thought I had broken it within the first few minutes as the paddle stopped working but it seems this is a feature of the machine as it started to work again after a couple of minutes.
What I can’t understand is the crazy and totally dangerous pan removal system. Whoever designed this system needs sacking. You cannot remove the pan until you have removed the paddle but to remove the paddle you have to get your hand under the lid area which is scolding hot and then somehow push the paddle down and pull it out at the same time.
Both my husband and I have scolded our wrists on the side of the pan trying to remove the paddle and this was with an empty pan, goodness knows how you are expected to remove it with food in the pan.
Please don't buy this air fryer as you will dearly regret it. Mine is going straight back to the shop.

Edited by: "halbaba" 12th Nov 2015
Bought one of these and it was faulty, so I took it back and exchanged it and the second was faulty too - same fault. Search aldi air fryer fault to see a YouTube clip of the fault that others have posted. In addition, I agree with the last comment about removing the pan, you will get scolded unless you are very very careful and have steady hands. Not recommended at all.
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