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Lowenbeau Lager 24x440ml cans for £12 in Lidl instore
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Lowenbeau Lager 24x440ml cans for £12 in Lidl instore

Posted 14th JulAvailable: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Not my cup of tea at only 3.5% and definitely not the drink it used to be back in the day but may be of use to some
Its 1 pack of 12 for £8.99 or 2 packs for £12
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I brought some in this offer yesterday. I haven’t drunk it for years. Thought it would do for bbq season for lager tops or shandy

It is actually not bad really for an inbev brew.

Certainly decent value for money.
Those ones in the picture are 440ml??
That's a blast from the past...................
Hope the sell by date isn't 1989...............
Didn't it used to be 5%
Surely 5%?
They do 2 different %
This is definitely the 3.5% version. I believe they do still produce 5 or could be 5.2% version but not sure if uts available in UK. And yes Mastutio your correct they are 440ml so even better value for whoever likes it then . I will update title to say that thanks.
I nabbed a couple of cases last week unaware that it was only 3.5%. Its not gonna make you fall over but it was pleasant enough to drink.
Perfect for an afternoon... Into late night BBQ, I will have a good drink and might still be standing!
Bought some,regretted it. Awful even when well chilled. Bud much better.
Not in scotland.
Bought in error thinking it was the Good Stuff at 5.2%, can honestly say it’s not a bad “shandy sans lemonade” for the price.
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