Lowepro Rezo 160 Shoulder Bag For Digital SLR & 1-2 Lenses Black =£9.76 delivered @Amazon
Lowepro Rezo 160 Shoulder Bag For Digital SLR & 1-2 Lenses Black =£9.76 delivered @Amazon

Lowepro Rezo 160 Shoulder Bag For Digital SLR & 1-2 Lenses Black =£9.76 delivered @Amazon

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Even lower price for this good quality bag. Use the LOWERVAT code to reduce the price to the new 15% VAT level (I think this should work as it's in the electronics section).


Great little camera bag!! Bargain!!!!


very good bag. takes my Nikon D50 and 2 lenses no probs with room to spare for batteries etc etc

I agree I have this camera bag and think its great! Read the reviews on amazon for more info. I paid £15 for it from there back in July.

Super deal

Superb bag at a great price........Heat added............Now! Drop the prices on the A200 too!!


Sweet! Just ordered and the LOWERVAT worked fine

They're well designed these. Mine can hold: dslr+10cm long lens in the centre (just), a 70-210mm, and one small/midsize lens (eg a prime, or 35-70). Everything is easy access, and are nicely separated. You could fit a bigger zoom in there too, the full height of the case (bout 15cm). That's about the limit of the main compartment though.

There's an attached micro fibre clothe that flips over so the screen doesn't scratch either - it's often a problem with other cases that the screen is being rubbed against stuff, but here the camera goes in lens first, and the clothe then goes over the top of the screen. There's also a front pocket for memory cards and other associated camera junk, and a flip out waterproof cover in the underside.

Highly recommended camera bag!
I bought this for my Canon 350D when Amazon last had an offer on it and it is great, accommodates camera body with Sigma 18-200 lens attached plus leads, charger and accessories. Best of both worlds - Ideal stowaway bag to keep your camera safe and together, and great compact size is ideal for carrying your equipment when travelling!

Thanks, meant to order this when it was reduced last time but missed out.


Thanks for your reviews guys, bought it although I do not own a dslr, but am planning to get one very soon...

Thanks, heat & Rep added.

Heat and rep added

brilliant deal, well spotted

Jobs a gud un!

Great find and bought one for my Canon 35mm EOS

the porter;3573489

i bought mine 2 days ago £14 just my luck

Don't hold me to this ! but Ive heard it on good authority that Amazon have reinstated (or are about to reinstate 01/12) their price drop guarantee. Deffo worth a call or mail :thumbsup:

Was bought one of these as a birthday present recently. Can fit an A200 with standard lens and a 70-300mm lens with space for a smallish prime lens in there too.

Nice little bag for a day trip out somewhere.

it's 18 now. expired

Great price. I was waiting for Amazon to come back down to this price again but couldn't wait and ordered it afew weeks ago at £15 (still a bargain). It's an excellent bag I managed to get my D40 and lens kit in it plus the huuuuge 70-300VR Zoom lens and still got the charger in there.

Excellent quality too so it's even more of a no brainer at this price. Voted hot.

I bought this bag 2 days ago from Amazon for £14.92 , its now gone up to £18.99 and if you take discount off it comes down to £18.49 saving 40p unless I've done someting wrong.:santa:

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Oh well, it was a great deal while it lasted. Was very tempted myself but would have to have bought another lens to justify it! I've never had so much rep added in one day, thanks everyone!:thumbsup:
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