Lowest Price Samsung 22" Widescreen Multimedia TFT  2ms £199.62

Lowest Price Samsung 22" Widescreen Multimedia TFT 2ms £199.62

Found 9th Jan 2008
Lowest Price Samsung 22" Widescreen Multimedia TFT

Hurry, only 20 in stock, I just ordered mine. Not sure if you can use Quidco but try it.

The popular Samsung SyncMaster 226BW provides a fast 2 millisecond response time, true-to-life images and vivid colours, making it the perfect choice for gamers.

Offering precision, premium performance, style and value, this TFT is attractive to home and business users too. With its large widescreen display, brilliant colours and flexible inputs the SyncMaster is a top performer in a range of applications, from multimedia to demanding office use.

Perfect for gamers - 2 millisecond response
Large display - 22" widescreen
High resolution - 1680 x 1050
Brilliant colours - 24-bit (16.7 million colours)
Flexible inputs - VGA


Cold because you can buy the same product for a bit less at saverstore.com/pro…729 and you can also get 3.5% quidco discount too. IT247 are not on Quidco's list of merchants. I've actually got this monitor and it is excellent :thumbsup:

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I already got a LG 22" with identical spec, however the Samsung brand stands out allot more and 2ms is what attacts me. For gaming on this monitor is awesome and if you purchase a dell without the monitor and then buy this one you save ££££££.

i managed to get the samsung 226cw for 199.75 from pcworld....dont know if there is a huge difference between the bw and cw just slightly different (better IMO) styling
not sure why people are voting this cold tho
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