Lowry 26" Full HD LCD TV (1080p + freeview) instore @ Morrisons £189.99

Lowry 26" Full HD LCD TV (1080p + freeview) instore @ Morrisons £189.99

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This was posted a month ago but it is now £10 cheaper.

Good deal it seems. 32" is £249.99 : hotukdeals.com/tag/dea…287


any good?

good price for a 26" TV

its a good price but alas i returned one and got my money back

you get what you pay for but ideal for gaming on or tv in a bedroom.

That's weird and the second time I've seen this happen on here. This was posted 1 day 9 hours ago (use search) but when you actually go to the thread from that search you arrive back here at the duplicate. Maybe Hot' mods are joining duplicates in to one thread?

Got one for my son for 360 & TV in his bedroom. 1st one was duff and had a nasty line down it, returned with no quibbles for an exchange and TBH the 2nd one is pretty good. 360 looks excellent on it and the TV / Freeview os also good.

Adding a USB drive adds a freeview recorder as well.

For the £££ its good.

Bought one for my daughter, and it seems fine, what sold it is the free two year guarantee and with such a low price it's well worth the money, can't find a cheaper deal for everything you get. My only niggle was the remote control was not too sensitive, but that could just be the batteries, The picture on it is good and I would buy another if we needed one especially on a budget.
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