Lowry 32" Full HD 1080p LCD TV £249 @ Morrisons

Lowry 32" Full HD 1080p LCD TV £249 @ Morrisons

Found 16th Jun 2010
Lowry 32" Full HD 1080p LCD TV £249 @ Morrisons
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You can get Branded HD Ready 32" TV's for similar price


I know it's full HD but for a 32" screen the difference in quality between that and HD Ready is minimal
Saw these in marrisons for £300 2 days a go. Any idea if the picture is good?

Yes you can get branded for the same price if your lucky but none of those are in stock by me....
Hi, pick up the last one from the Gray's Thurrock store last night. First impressions are really positive. The set looks good, has loads of input/output sockets, includuding 4 HDMI inputs! Played back a Blu Ray disc and the picture and sound was excellent. The TV is for my sons bedroom, the Freeview pictures are excellent when you consider it only has a crappy indoor arial pluged in. The set comes with a two year guarantee which will be extented to three years thanks to using my Nationwide creditcard to make the purchase. Not bad for £249.
I got the last one from the Weston Super Mare store today.

Looks like a re-badged Sanyo, as it has a display mode called "pixellence" which Google tells me also comes on a 32inch Full HD tv by Sanyo (with nearly identical specs).

Lowry is the Morrisons "house brand", and they seem to have a very basic "small company website" at [url]www.g2sltd.com[/url] .

First impressions mixed. Freeview images have a ton of digital noise, whether the built-in tuner or through our PVR (plugged in via SCART). I have a suspicion that the problem is the freeview signal rather than this TV, as it's more visible on this larger TV than our old small one.

But I'm not sure...
Bought the 32" for connecting to Mac and watching TV. After three months it blew up. Good price for what you get I must admit, but I hope this is just a one off, as the cheap price may mean sub standard components.
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