LUC0ZADE COLA 380ml 29p @ b&m
LUC0ZADE COLA 380ml 29p @ b&m

LUC0ZADE COLA 380ml 29p @ b&m

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this must be cheap for single bottles


cheap, but tastes of nothing

my daughter said yuk, but i want it anyway mmmmmmm

my husband loves this! im sure he will stock up!

Cola is their worst one! Vile stuff!

They had the 1l bottles for about 50p I think.

Tastes like cola ice poles.

Good deal if you like them.

I had to brush my teeth for over half hour , just to feel clean again after drinking this.

Seriously this stuff taste like crap.

You could get the 19p 2l bottles of value coke from the supermarket and it would taste the same.

why why invent this ewwwwww....... i love coke and when needed i love the zade but together noooooooo still have some heat as its a deal if your Heston i suppose.


Seriously this stuff taste like crap.

good thing you never tried Red Bull Cola then

Tastes like ass.

Hot for the price though.

Something like 12 teaspoons of sugar in every bottle - you'll be buzzing or puking or both

It's lovely this I like it!

for 29p it's ok but i bought one for 1 pound and it tastes awful.

I love it, while playing for Liverpool FC, I use to drink this before a match, made my kajools nice and warm.

This sounds like marmite
But i like it and of all the lucozades flavors.


Also in savers
& the cherry flavour too,

This tastes absolutely vile.

If I was burning to death, and this was the only 'liquid' available to put the fire out I would rather cremate.

Can I set you on fire to test that theory?

Hissy Miss

Can I set you on fire to test that theory?

No testing needed. I know I would rather die a horrible death than be covered in that crap.
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