Lucky Number Slevin Blu-Ray - £4.99 @ HMV online
Lucky Number Slevin Blu-Ray - £4.99 @ HMV online

Lucky Number Slevin Blu-Ray - £4.99 @ HMV online

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Can't vouch for the film but this is the cheapest available on the net at the moment. Hope this benefits someone!

Directed by Paul McGuigan, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN is a mistaken identity thriller, starring Josh Hartnett as a guy who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. With boldly coloured sets covered in graphic wallpaper, the film has an almost comic book feel, the emphasis being on visual entertainment rather than believability. When wise-guy Slevin (Hartnett) shows up at his friend Nick's apartment in Manhattan, Nick is nowhere to be found. After meeting Nick's sharp and flirty neighbour, Lindsey (Lucy Liu), Slevin is kidnapped by two thugs and taken to meet the Boss (Morgan Freeman). Explaining that he is in fact not Nick, gets him nowhere, as the Boss and his arch rival, the Rabbi (Ben Kingsley), both pull Slevin deeper and deeper into a complicated underworld of murder and revenge. The clever dialogue and romance that grows between Hartnett and Liu, gives the film a light-hearted charm and even when orchestrating cold-blooded murder, the film's lead villains, never seem too threatening. This is due in large, to the strong tongue-in-cheek performances of Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley, and Morgan Freeman. Many of the plot's twists rely on camera tricks and quick editing, which are used to deliberately confuse the viewer. While the storyline is convoluted and the film falls into a self-explanatory trap near the end, the world of LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, must never be taken too seriously. Displaying a Tarantino-like self-awareness, the film makes frequent references to James Bond and vintage cinema, and contains such strong visual elements that viewers are forced to notice each character's surroundings. The film is incredibly stylish and old-fashioned in this way, and with particular attention paid to each villain's dwelling, the production design often says more than the characters themselves.


Very good price for a very good film.

i can say this is an awesome film!

great film for under a fiver on blu-ray, it has been around the £5.49 mark for a while though

fantastic film, well worth £5

It's a very underrated film. One of my favourites.

Bought, gd price great film thx.

Great film!

Brilliant film, well worth watching

Heat added!

I love this film too but already have it on DVD :-) Must have watched it 5 times with various people!

i love this film, had it on german import dvd steelbook, bluray and hd-dvd lol, just got the bluray now but its a hidden gem really. i also have a massive movie poster in my spare room i got from a cinema i love this films so much.

just a shame josh hartnetts career has dissapeared into thin air.

Great film, well worth a fiver! Heat added
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