lucozade alert 4 pack @ sainsburys was 3.49 now 25p

lucozade alert 4 pack @ sainsburys was 3.49 now 25p

Found 24th Feb 2011Made hot 24th Feb 2011
was in sainsburys lincoln 2day and noticed they had reduced the 4 pack down 2 25p its not the best stuff in the world but its a bargain not sure if nationwide thou


now that IS hot!

must be local clearence deal

Does anybody remember lucozade hydro-active? It was effectively like water but better? I think this is actually the same stuff. I know they ended up repackaging hydro-active and I'm pretty sure it became Lucozade Lite. Slightly tinted bottle and people started buying it. Decent product and definitely worth buying for about 6p a bottle!!!

Edit: That was about Lite. I didn't realise the offer was for Alert!!! Sorry.
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Biggest Sainsburys in the UK (Lincoln)!

Sorry, picture is of lite which is a sports drink, alert is a red bull type drink. Which is on offer? Hot either way, just depends how much out of my way i go to get some...

what is on offer? lucozade alert or lucozade sport. the picture is incorect.


Lucozade sport was reduced from £1.09 to 40p a bottle at Wilkinsons too - Not as cheap but shows other stores might be discounting it too.

Sigh.....I can remember when we just had normal, fluorescent orange, lucozade.

I miss those days.

Why do people vot hot when it's CLEARLY not a nationwide deal?

Not in my local Sainsbury's, sadly.

Hydro Active is different as far as I remember as it doesn't have the same caffeine levels as alert... Shame this isn't in our local London store - far from it!
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