Lucozade Energy Wild Berry 500ml for only 29p! @ Home Bargains

Lucozade Energy Wild Berry 500ml for only 29p! @ Home Bargains

Found 28th Dec 2009
Quite a nice flavour, bought 25 bottles and they still had plenty more!
They RRP at 79p!
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Seems like a good price to me, heat added.
these lucozade bottles are 380ml

these lucozade bottles are 380ml

They do both 380ml and 500ml. Usually find the smaller ones in supermarkets and multipacks.
This and the new cherry flavour are my favourite! Thanks OP, heat added!
The dupe post is getting more heat than yours :?
Looks like a hot deal!
Saw them 2 week ago but date is only till next month so not sure on em tbh.
I don't particually like this flavour but hot if you do. I'm sure they'll still be alright a couple of months after use by date.
only saw the 380ml bottles but i will look in other HB stores.
Saw these in my local HB,thanks
farmfoods had the large Apple for 39p - quite some date left, and quite nice.
Don't know about anyone else, but these Lucozade's (the fizzy ones), leave a nasty flem-like mucus at the back of my throat..

Still, good price & therefore hot.
the small ones are always this price at Home Bargains.
The ones i got from Doncaster were 500ml - Bargain!
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